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Finding Order in Chaos

Yesterday afternoon, procrastinating me started thinking about my flower arrangement entries for the fair, which are due on Wednesday afternoon.

I opened one of the kitchen cupboards and staring boldly at me, obviously begging to be in the fair, was an Eiffel Tower martini glass.  "I'm for the A Touch of Glass dry floral arrangement," it proclaimed. 

"Okay," I said. "Let's go." We went to the office where I set the Eiffel Tower martini glass on the drawing board, into which the poor Husband keeps bumping as he goes in and out of the office.

Before I knew it, the dried green moss called out from its basket on the floor, "Hey! Hey!"

Bammm! A handful of moss planted itself in the glass, draping itself whatever way it wanted.

The tiny blue straw flowers I bought the other day made a noise, "Me! Me! Me!"

Bammmm! The tiny flowers stood proudly in the moss.

"Yoooo-hoooo!" The fake pearls waved from its box. "Eiffel tower. Martini. You need us."

Not-a-bam. The fake pearls got lost in the moss.  "More, more," they cried. They may be right. The arrangement needs something to keep everything in place. But, I still need to make my wrap-around bracelet that features the fake pearls.

So, when the moss, tiny blue straw flowers, and the fake pearls quieted down, I had myself a work in progress. At first, I called it Dystopia. Negativity did not sit well with me nor with the Eiffel Tower martini glass, dried green moss, tiny blue straw flowers, and fake pearls. After some time of not thinking about it, the arrangement announced its name, "I am Coming Back from Dystopia."


  1. That Eiffel Tower is a piece of art all in it's self. Are we supposed to see pearls in there? You and the dried flowers had quite the conversation. :)

    1. I might take out the green moss (No! No!) so that the pearls can be seen. It all depends on whether the pearls, with the help of tiny rocks, can hold up the flowers. A friend told me that the blue flowers reminded her of fireworks so that's what I'm going to say. If asked. :-)

  2. The artist reveals her secrets! :)

    1. I don't think of myself as an artist. Maybe I am. I did remove the moss and stuffed it in my other display to hold up dried red flowers, which the Husband says looks more dystopia-ic. So much fun.

  3. Gosh I have been behind! I love this!! It is very creative and different

    1. Thanks, Birgit. This is what happens when I let all fly with the wind. I ought to do it more often.


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