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Experimenting with My Diet

You know how sometimes you wake up one morning and you decide to be good about what you eat. That was this morning for me. I haven't analyzed the why-fors. Maybe I won't. I just went with the mood. Not that we have a lot of junk food in our refrigerator and pantry. The "worse" is a half bag of potato chips and a bunch of blueberry cheese pastry bits. The latter is the Mama's, which the Husband and I help consume, otherwise they go stale.

This morning, I chose to forgo my usual breakfast selections -- peanut butter and jam sandwich or peanut butter, apple, and raisins rice bowl. Peanut butter, processed grains, and food loaded with sugar could be contributing culprits for my eczema flare ups. Hence, none of those foods for awhile.

What did I eat for breakfast then? I made a salad out of organic baby spring lettuces, leftover roasted sweet potato rounds, and a handful of almonds that I topped with balsamic vinegar. Someone told me that the sweet potato satisfies the sweet tooth, and it releases sugar slowly into my body. Something like that. I did (and do) feel surprisingly full.



  1. Oven-bakes sweet potato wedges ... Mmmmm

    1. They're quite tasty without anything. This time I coated them with olive oil, garlic powder, and a non-salt seasoning alternative.

  2. Wow! I have no energy in the morning so I commend you for making this meal. I shall stick to my toast and honey:)

    1. Everything was leftovers. I tend to cook stuff so that I have leftovers to throw together to microwave.


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