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Moss Landing

My Alphabe Thursday theme: Places I've Been

Moss Landing, California is a fishing village with over 200 residents. From the photo, it doesn't look like a quaint fishing village, but believe me it is. It has a few great antique shops and restaurants. This photo is of the harbor and the more commercial part of Moss Landing.

Moss Landing is located on Highway 1, about 15 miles to the north of Monterey. It stands at the mouth of Elkhorn Slough, which is a fun place for hiking, birding, and kayaking.

I have three wonderful memories of Moss Landing.
  1. Eight years ago, the Husband and I did a kayaking tour with friends on Elkhorn Slough. That was the first time we went kayaking. At one point, we paddled by a wall of pelicans. They were not fazed at all. They did not seem to move a muscle. "Yup, there go more humans."
  2. In the early 1990s, the First, Late Husband and I floated down the slough on a wildlife viewing tour. That was my introduction to Elkhorn Slough and the beauty of wetlands. It was also the beginning of the final adventures with the First, Late Husband.
  3. Long, long ago, the Only and Older Brother and I were sitting in the car, while the parents said their long goodbyes to friends. "Do you know what they do in that building?" the Brother asked, pointing at the monstrous plant with its amazingly tall towers. "That's where they make M&M candy."
Yes, I believed the PG&E plant produced M&Ms for a very long time. Whenever I pass the plant, I like to think the Only and Older Brother was telling the truth.

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  1. Oh that would be nice to think they made M & M's but I have a feeling they did something else which would not be kind to all the wildlife. Glad you have such fond memories

    1. I was so gullible. Still am. This is a natural gas powered electricity plant. I have no idea how it's affecting the environment. Part of me wants to say it's somewhat clean since the slough is pretty pristine. Maybe it's time for me to learn more.

  2. Replies
    1. It is, even with that monster looming above it.

  3. It's only about an hour from my house. Lovely little town.
    Lovely post, too.



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