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Day 44 with Tilda-Hilda

It felt so good riding with Tilda-Hilda this morning. The last time we went out was 11 days ago. My left knee was being a bear, so I stayed off it and took anti-inflammatory pills. The knee feels a bit stiff right now. Tilda-Hilda and I pedaled a wonderful 8.5 miles in 47 minutes. I felt like I could've gone on farther and further.

See ya tomorrow.


  1. Congrats to you and glad the medicine is helping so you can enjoy Tilda-Hilda

    1. By evening, the knee was throbbing. The doc told me to take the pills for a week and then take it whenever the knee feels painful. If it turns out I'm taking the pills too often, then another solution needs to be found. We shall see.

    2. My hubby takes fish oil 740 which he gets at the naturalpath. It's expensive but it helps a little. With his Rheumatoid Arthritis he now must take Orencia which he takes once per week -needle form (he does it himself). If he were not on that he would be in a wheelchair. I would try fish oil though

    3. I've been taking fish oil for awhile for eczema. I'm glad it's also useful for the knee. Thanks for the tip.

  2. That's such a quaint name Tilda-Hilda. I need to learn to cycle too.

    1. I like bicycling. It's my favorite activity to do. No matter how old I get, the moment, I'm pedaling a bicycle, I feel like a kid again.


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