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W is for What's Wrong with Your Cake?

Once-upon-a-time, a long time ago, when I was still a young thing. . . .
After the Birthday Gal happily blew our her candles on the carrot cake that I baked, the other student assistant and I cut the cake and served the slices to the Birthday Gal and everyone else in the Department of Secondary Education office. The cake looked yummy. Everyone took a bite. Several people looked puzzled as they chewed.

The gruff teddy bear of a department chair said, "Sue, did you forget to turn on the oven?"


The Teddy Bear Chair examined his cake. "It's flat."

"That's the way it's supposed to be." I said.

"I love it," said the Birthday Gal. "It's just like the cake from home. All full of nuts and carrots. Thank you, Sue."

The Birthday Gal was from Central America. She gave me a hug and took another slice.

The Teddy Bear Chair continued eating his cake. "Have you made this cake before?" he asked.

"First time," I said.

"So, we're your guinea pigs," he said.

"All my cakes are first times," I said. "They're never the same. I don't measure things."

"Ah ha! That's why. Measure next time, Sue." He said, then turned, walking into his cavern of an office with his nearly eaten piece of cake.

Much later, as I sat at my desk, typing paperwork, my supervisor Dr. Who-Writes-Romances-During-Her-Breaks came out from her office behind me. "Sue," she said, her voice full of excitement. "I know what's wrong with your cake."

"Yes," I said, thinking there was nothing wrong with my cake.

"You forgot the flour!" she said. She went back into office with a satisfied look on her face as if she had solved a mystery. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I did use flour.

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  1. I am sure your cake was good. I like carrot cakes that are more fruity and nutty, and homey tasting.

  2. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! So funny. Sounds like you made something that resembled a fruit cake rather than the typical expected carrot cake. I do a lot of guinea pig experiments when I cook. I remember trying to make a gluten free mango bread and used brown rice syrup to sweeten it. Well, when you use brown rice syrup in baking, it has enzymes and that changes the consistency of the bread.. it was kind of gooey. Not bad, but gooeyer than usual kind of like bread pudding! But people ate it anyhow. You could totally bring that cake to a potluck on Maui and people would still scarf it up! As long as it's sweet, people will eat it!
    Maui Jungalow

    1. lol. As long as it's sweet. I love that, Courtney.

  3. Hmmm-They went by looks rather than taste! They ate the cake and enjoyed it from what I am reading but they have in their heads that a cake must be high. Well all I can say made a good cake

    1. Back then, I was clueless about standard stuff. Well, actually, I still am. lol

  4. I'm not sure how I would have taken the co-workers being so critical. Sheesh. It's easy to be critical, but did they make a cake? No. Too many critics and not enough doers. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Nice to meet you.

    1. I had great respect and love for the Teddy Bear Chair and my supervisor. They were like an uncle and aunt who meant well with their bluntness. It also helped that I have a thick skin and saw the hilarity in the exchange. :-)

  5. They REALLY didn't get it, did they? ... but they still ate it. Silly 'oomins.

  6. One thing I'm sensitive about is my cooking. I hate having people talk about my cooking in a negative way. And I don't like being caught without enough on hand for a meal when my family shows up unexpectedly and hungry.

    My uncle Henry's favorite cake was a cake that had fallen.

    I found you from Josna's wrap up blog for a to z. Wish I'd found you earlier but I will be following now.

    1. Hi, Kristin, glad to meet you. I hear you about not having enough food on hand when I have unexpected guests. I stress out, but at the same time enjoy the challenge, of coming up with something to feed them.


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