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Martians Sighted

Don't those shadows look like astronauts wearing their bubble helmets?

Sure, they do.

Okay, maybe not.

Did you ever see the TV comedy My Favorite Martian in the 1960s or as reruns later on?  It starred Ray Walston as the martian who lived on Earth and his disguise was Uncle Martin to reporter Tim, who was played by Bill Bixby. It was a silly and very likable show. At least for me. I always enjoyed it when Uncle Martin's martian antennas popped out of his head.

Guess what the Husband and I saw yesterday on our hike?


  1. Now this is just sweet:) I actually do see the astronauts but I am not sure if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong got that close:) I have not seen that TV show in a couple of decades but it was fun to watch

  2. Martians!!!! Quick, everyone start playing their Nelson Eddy vinyl LP's!

    1. You got me curious. Must go google Nelson Eddy and martians.

    2. You'll probably come up with 'Mars Attacks!" a movie ... at least I think it was Nelson Eddy ... sounded like him singing, 'when I'm calling you-ooo-ooo' to Jeanette McDonald.

  3. Susie,

    For some reason those photos made me giggle. Maybe it was because I was imagining you having so much silly fun.

    1. Good, I'm glad you giggled. I aimed for giggles and hahahaha's with this post. A couple was walking up behind us while we were doing the martian photos. After I took the shot, we turned around to say hello to them. Very serious response. They were too young for that. :-)


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