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Endless Energy

My ABC Wednesday theme: The Mama and Her Authentic Green Thumbs
. . .and Fingers

In the late 1990s, when the Mama was in her mid 70s, her doctor prescribed her one and only medication -- a pill for low thyroid. The doctor started her with .05 mg, a very low dosage. But, in the Mama, woooo-weee! It made her run the marathon, jump over the moon, and lift several 100-pound bags of soil every day.

Essentially, taking the medicine made her tired. And, of course, after awhile she stopped taking it.

A few months went by before I discovered she was not taking her medication. While visiting her one weekend, I noticed she was looking very tired so I checked her bottle. She was very good at not refilling prescriptions.  The bottle was the one I had ordered months ago and it was still full. The Mama admitted that she stopped taking it. Sigh. 

"Why?" I asked. She shrugged. Her usual answer to questions to which she was not ever going to respond.

"That's why you're feeling tired," I said. "The doctor prescribed this medicine so you can have the energy to do your work."

After more nagging from me, the Mama reluctantly took it.

That day, I watched her run a marathon, jump over the moon, and lift several 100-pound bags of soil. I was tired keeping up with her. The following Monday, I called her doctor and told him what happened. He mumbled that he would cut the dosage in half. All was good. She was back to just running a 10K, jumping over the roof, and lifting 50 pound bags of soil.

Last year, the Mama's thyroid levels had decreased, so the doctor doubled the dosage to the original .05 mg. I worried that she would start running around like crazy and hurt herself. Nothing happened. Hurrah!

All is good, as you can tell. The Mama no longer runs, jumps, and lifts like she used to, but she slowly and surely moves around her gardens, front and back, happily tending to their needs.

Today is the letter E at ABC Wednesday, a fun weekly meme created by Denise Nesbitt 16 rounds ago. Currently it is being administered by Roger Green at Ramblin' with Roger, with the help of his ABC Wednesday crew.  Please click here to read other ABC posts.


  1. Susie,

    I don't think I could keep up with the Mama. I run most mornings but when I get home I'm ready for a long rest. Perhaps I need some of the Mama's medication. I'd love to be able to run 10 km every day. And what would the neighbours think if I jumped over the roof? I'd love to see their faces! I'm glad to hear the Mama's medication was sorted out and she is now active at a normal level!

    1. Wouldn't that be a hoot if we could jump over the roof. Or, be catapulted. Or, zipline over. Yah, zipline. I'd go with that. :-)

  2. GREAT choice for the letter "E"! I really enjoyed this post.

  3. What an incredible lady 'The Mama' is. So good she's got the garden to exert her energy in.
    I love the way she peeps up from her cute little hat when you are snapping her going about her daily doings.
    Good that the sorted her medication out and san keep fit enough to do what she enjoys!
    God bless 'The Mama' and god bless you and your husband for looking after her.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team

    1. Oops! Typo...should read 'Good that the doctor sorted her medication out and she can keep fit'
      Di xx

    2. Thank you, Di. The Mama and Molly the Cat have a similar response to me clicking the camera at them. Each sighs and looks away. lol.

  4. So many older people do not like taking any medicine even when it is good for them. Glad she finally listened and took the medicine. What is amazing is that she is only still one 1-that is excellent

  5. The less pills the better in my way of thinking....glad she only has the one prescription...incredible♪

  6. Certainly, it is very important to follow active and healthy !!

    1. The Mama could be a poster gal for being active and healthy. :-)


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