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December 7, 1941
Honolulu, Hawaii

Clip. Clip. Clip.

The Daddy's cousin was cutting Daddy's hair in their kitchen. They talked about this and that when suddenly they heard  in the near distance Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Hurry up," said the Daddy. "Something is happening at the harbor. Let's go see what's wrong."

December 8, 1941
Baguio, Philippines

At the same moment, thousands of miles to the east, the Japanese Navy Air pilots were bombarding the U.S. bases in the Philippines,  a U.S. territory. The Mama was staying in Baguio, a mountain town, where the John Hay Air Base was located. The town was immediately evacuated.

The Mama said it took her and her family about a month to walk their way down the mountain to their home in Pangasinan, a province in Central Luzon.


  1. As a family history person I wondered if you have tapped into all those memories. Very few people are left who have a personal relationship with the "War". It is a topic that interests a lot of people. How very scary to live those those events.

    1. Scary is definitely the word. The Mama tells one story in which they duck in the rice fields when they hear an airplane approaching. I feel very fortunate that I have known none of this firsthand.

  2. Replies
    1. The Daddy joined the U.S. Army and the Mama stayed indoors to stay out of sight of Japanese soldiers.

  3. Visiting from the A-Z list. War is so sad, but the reasons and the history are important to learn from. Thanks.
    Am a new follower.. hang in there only 3 more letters!

    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

  4. You tell this story so well. I remember it from another post. I always wonder why anyone is at a certain place at a specific time. Do you ever think about that?
    Count down time.... 3 left

    1. Yes. I'm glad that most of the places I've been have been positive ones.

  5. Intrigued at their first hand experience with the war. You're lucky to know these stories, even though they are harsh.
    Maui Jungalow

    1. I agree, Courtney. Our parents are of a stoical nature. It helped that I said, "This is a school project." And, that they were so willing to answer my questions.

  6. Aloha Susie, I included your link in my post P is for Pearl Harbor


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