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Pshaw! The Persnickety Letter P

The letter P!

I crumpled up three ideas for that proud, pretty letter P. Figuratively, that is. I'm not going to crush my computer just because I don't like what I wrote in a Word file. What? You don't know what crumple is? Egad, I'm that old. Get a piece of scratch paper and write half a sentence. Now, scrunch up the paper. There, you've crumpled up an idea.

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Anyway, the letter pah pah pah pah P. It's perfect that procrastinate starts with the letter P. Oh, and then there is perfect. . . . Perfect procrastination prances prickly for Poseiden. Huh? No, I'm not deleting that. This post has taken possession of my fingers upon the keyboard and clicking keys per its bidding. Anyone else like the combination of parsnips and potatoes?

Okay, okay.  Third paragraph and I have yet to bring up a topic. Poor writing on my part. Perhaps. The other way for me—and you, dear readers—to look at my runaway paragraphs is that sometimes I need to be a little bit. . .a lot. . .silly to take away the pressure of thinking about what to write.

That said, I've come to my topic of the day: A very fun and exciting P. . . .Parachuting.  Yes, that's me floating down to earth in the above photo.  About six years ago, three wonderful friends and I (we call ourselves the Jumping Beans) decided to go up, up, and up into the sky by airplane and return by parachute. We were each attached to a professional skydiver, of course.
I was surprised at how loud falling through the sky was.

I absolutely loved it, even though that first step out of the plane was a doozy!

That's it. See you tomorrow with the letter Q.


  1. It does look like a lot of fun!!

    1. At the end, the instructor did some kind of switchback maneuvering to swing us precisely over to the drop spot. That was just as amazing as the freefall.

  2. A perfectly personable 'P'!

    ... oh, life would be poorer if we couldn't laugh at ourselves!

  3. Yikes!!! You are amazing! You should go see DJan-ity on my side bar. She does sky diving all the time.

    1. I'll go check her out. Kay, it takes one to know one--an amazing person. :-)

  4. It didn't last long enough. The views, you can imagine, were glorious. I could see the ocean, which is about 30 minutes away by car, from up there.

  5. I love the word persnickety. For added difficulty with the procrastination and Poseidon venture you started, maybe a Haiku that starts with all P's? That could be scary!


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