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A Never-too-Late Tunic

In April of last year, I stumbled upon a handsome batik-like print with ukuleles. Immediately, I thought, "An Hawaiian shirt for the Husband!" Without giving it another thought, I bought 2 yards of the fabric. I didn't care that I hadn't ever sewn a shirt before. When the Husband saw the print, he was just as excited as me about the idea of a Hawaiian shirt for him.

Throughout May, I looked at patterns online. The thought of sewing collars, yokes, and buttons made my hands sweat. I needed to turn this shirt into something fun to sew.

"What do you think about a tunic?" I asked the Husband.

The Husband went into a happy place as he described a Mexican tunic he once owned when he was a young man. How comfortable it was. How neat it looked. And so on, and so forth.

In June, for his birthday, I gave the Husband a written promise of a hand-sewn tunic in the ukulele print. Over the summer, I kept my eyes open for the perfect tunic pattern.

By September, or maybe it was October, I found an easy-to-sew tunic pattern. Fortunately, for me, the Husband isn't a nag. I wouldn't be surprised if he had forgotten about it.

Two days before Christmas, I sat myself at the sewing machine and made the Husband's tunic. I was great entertainment for the Mama and Molly the Cat that day. To my surprise, I completed the tunic all in one day. 

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The Husband wore the brand-new tunic to his brother's Christmas party. A couple times, I heard him saying that the Wife made it for him. 

The Husband looks quite hip in it, and, yep, very much a hippie. It's his going-out shirt. He says it's very comfortable. He feels cool when the weather is hot, and warm (with a sweater underneath) when it's cold.

Who knows? I just might sew him another for him. There is a lot of time until Christmas.


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