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Molly the Cat, One Year Later

Molly the Cat aka Molly the Kitty Cat aka Miss Molly by Golly. These days, she's also known as Molly Girl. Last week was her first anniversary with the crew. We, humans, had no idea it would be such a pleasure to have a cat that lives indoors. We hope the sweetie pie is just as happy as we are about living together.

Molly Girl plays no favorites. She adores the Husband. He is the one who plays with her before giving her dinner. She likes me because I am the human who mostly takes her outside to wander and offer her a snack at lunch time. And, she cherishes the Mama because this human massages her and gives Molly food to break her fast every morning.

The Two Ladies
Molly the Cat and Mama are so cute together. After a year, I see similarities between the two ladies.

Both are picky eaters. Unless they feel ravenous or truly like the food in front of them, they'll leave just a little less than half on their plate. Will they eat the leftovers the next day? Ha!

They like to snuggle together on the couch in front of the TV. The Mama beneath the fleece blankets, Molly on top. Both eventually fall into a deep sleep, snoring away.

Their favorite spot to sit—when not watching TV—is by the sliding door where they can soak up the sun bubbles. Mama reads, while Molly spreads out by her feet.

Molly and the Mama get a bit discombobulated when the daily routine (meaning meals) is disrupted. This is usually when the Husband and I "run away" for the day.

"Outside please." The two ladies love being outdoors, even when it's chilly. The Mama likes to work the land and Molly the Cat likes to explore the land that the Mama has worked.


  1. Precious pictures. The one of the Mama and Mollie is a hallmark picture. Would look grand on any card. Very good of the Mama and Mollie is a beauty. I love the one, too of her under the rose bush and in and among the flowers with the shadow falling slightly above her, good shots, kiddo.

    1. Thanks Manzi! The Molly & the Mama photo was a lucky shot. When it comes down it, all my good shots are. Both my eyes and steadiness are shot right now. :-)

  2. Yep. There's definitely a resemblance!

    1. hahahahaha. I think the Mama would be pleased to know that, too.


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