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Any Day Can Be Christmas

Yesterday was like Christmas.

After eight-and-a-half years, I finally opened some boxes marked KITCHEN that belong to the Husband and me. There was stuff I forgot we had. When we moved in with the Mama, most of our belongings stayed in storage. Last month, we consolidated two lockers into one and I decided to bring home some of the KITCHEN boxes. Until late yesterday afternoon, they'd been sitting in the garage. They would probably still be there if we didn't move boxes around to try to find a mouse carcass. Shudder.

We did not find any mouse remains, but we did discover that something ate through the cat carrier—which we had bought to eventually take Mr. L. Gatto Cat to the veterinarian (and it's a good thing we didn't)—to get at the bag of cat litter that we'd stored in the carrier. Was the mouse disappointed when he finally reached the sand?

"Do mice hibernate?" the Husband asked.

"I don't know," I replied, watching him poke a stick in the bag.  Shudder.

Back to happy thoughts. Christmas in February.

By the time I was ready to go through the boxes in the kitchen, the Mama had waken from her nap. The Mama loves opening presents as well as seeing what comes out of unopened boxes and bags that belong to others. She got as excited  as I did. The Husband would say differently because she didn't ooh! and ahhh! like me.

"My pyrex pie pans!" (which were originally the Mama's). The Mama hovered over the box.

"Those are nice," said the Mama, glancing at each different size covered glass jar that I set on the table. I could see she was already thinking what to put in them.

"Oh, that's pretty," she said, when I set down a crystal candy jar. Maybe I will make chocolate cherry almond truffles to put in it for Valentine's Day.

Then out came a large bag full of our spoons, knives, forks, and chop sticks. The Mama sat down and began sorting them into categories of her own making. She instantly recognized the design of the ones that she had given me and the first husband over 25 years ago. I think she was pleased that I had kept them.

As the Mama made her piles, I wondered if any of the spoons would be perfect to use for playing music. Other than that I had no idea what to do with all that silverware. Was I ready to get rid of them all? Then the Mama said, "We can use these."


The Mama decreed that we'll be using the Husband's and my silverware from now on. No discussion. No asking me for permission. I don't even think she thought that I may not want to use them. Of course, I didn't even think about that fact until just now. I was surprised  that she wanted to use our stuff. Not just make room for them in her silverware drawer, but to actually get rid of some of hers. Or, at least put hers in storage.

I definitely appreciate it. It'll be nice, satisfying, and delightful to use our silverware and some of our other kitchen stuff again. I  may get the rest of the KITCHEN boxes out of storage sooner rather than later. Then the Mama and I will have another day of Christmas. Wait till she sees the blue willow plates. I just know she'll want to eat off of them.


  1. Oh what treasurers we stash in garages. Did we have that conversation about 'blue willow" before? Feels like it. I collected BW for years and just recently gave it to my granddaughter. It all began with MY Grandmothers BW that I inherited and I just kept adding to it.

    Oh go through that box next and post pictures. I love it so.

  2. Manzi, when I was 10 or 11, I read a book in which a blue willow dish was a big deal. I can't remember why, but when I got to be an adult on my own and stumbled upon a blue willow dish at a thrift store, I started seeking. For a very short while, though. I chose to buy books and records instead. Flash forward to the father-in-law remarrying and needing to downsize. He gave me his set of divided blue willow plates. I was in total heaven.

  3. late last night i hauled out a giant box full of stuff and knew, just knew i was going to find some treasures. i found a photo of a homeless man i took a few years ago, something he asked me for a couple weeks ago (he has lost each print i have given him becuz occasionally his stuff gets stolen by other street people or the police). i also found a focaccia recipe i was guessing at for months. ha! i found the dew breaker, which i will lend to a friend who is reading another book by that author and enjoying it, and i found headphones, which was useful becuz my other pair broke earlier in the week. and though i think the book the secret is full of rank b.s., i also think it has good common sense reminders about the benefits of staying positive in this world, so i am poking through that once again.
    hope you enjoy the silverware:)

  4. Hey, Ed! Thanks for sharing what was in one of your treasure boxes. Nothing like simple joys, eh. (I'm pretending to be Canadian for a moment.) :-)

  5. Ah, the magic of boxes that have been hidden away for years!

  6. widdershins, I bet you'll be finding a few yourself during your move. Happy Memories to you! :-)


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