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Day One

No, I haven't forgotten to write Part 2 about buying birthday perfume for the Mama. Yesterday afternoon while looking for a bookmark I found the envelope containing all the tags and bits of information about the perfume samples that I got her. So, part 2 is a coming. One day.

These days, it just takes me a long while to get around to doing the fun writing. Something called writing deadlines get in my way, as does making meals for the crew and doing the minimum housecleaning that I can get away with, which generally means when we're all sneezing. Not to say trying to stay half a step ahead of the Mama and remember to go water the flowers and chayote vines before they wilt. Oh, and other stuff, whatever they are. By the way, is anyone out there flinching with my grammatical errors yet. I'm sure they're there. "They" referring to errors.

I ought to be sleeping. I've got only 15 minutes left of the sleep cycle for my liver to regenerate itself. I read somewhere that our livers naturally do that between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. I've never thought of myself as a night owl, but that's who I seem to be lately.

So, who wants to know what "Day One" is all about?

In short: I did 30 minutes of one of those "The Biggest Loser" exercise video. And, I've been able to go almost 20 minutes without scratching the eczema on my face, which I achieved because I'm challenging myself with a timer.

It's starting all over again.

At least, I've finally started.


  1. You make me smile Susieee. I hope you do not mind that it is me again:) I've been waiting for you to write ever since I found you when your husband cut your hair, (and of course wanted to know what you got for your Mama, most importantly was she happy?) and I just knew I will enjoy reading you and you.

    They say (please don't ask me who they are), exercise will help you sleep better, so rest well Susieee, sleep tight.

  2. No grammatical errors today! I sent a card to some other blogging friends which also might be appropriate for you to explain a (rare) typo in your post..It shows a woman with a cocktail in her hand. The text: "No, officer, my speech isn't slurred. I was speaking in cursive."

  3. i thought you tucked a mistake away like a challenge but after i while i was like there ain't nothing wrong.

  4. Hi, oceangirl, drop by anytime you like. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. The muse has been up. It's just making the movement to write what's brewing down.

    Hello fishducky, pshewwww. Glad to know though I did see a singular that should be a plural, which of course I didn't go and change. hahaha

    He-he, Ed. Nah.It's too much of a challenge for me to get words strung structurally correctly. Prepositions are the worse for me.

  5. LOL! This is big thing isn't it? Mama didn't specify did she? Just get her some perfume.

    Grammatical errors? There were grammatical errors? Pffft.....

    I'm not the grammar police. Error away dear, error away!

  6. "The longest journey starts with a single step" ... and then you remember you left the iron on!


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