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Book Review: Glazed Murder

Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck is the first title in her A Donut Shop Mystery series. I wish the author had used the old way of spelling the delicacy. D-o-u-g-h-n-u-t.  That aside, on my random scale of 1 to 5, I'd give Glazed Murder an arbitrarily 3.703.

Suzanne Hart is the main character of this mystery series. She's definitely a spunky woman. After all, she took her divorce settlement and bought the doughnut shop in her small North Carolina town, even though she had no experience in making or selling doughnuts.

The story opens with Suzanne turning on the lights of her shop at 2 a.m. She witnesses a body being thrown out of a car in front of her establishment. What a way to start a day, right? The dead body belongs to a good customer and friend of hers. That becomes one reason that Suzanne starts snooping. Another reason is her concern the culprit may try to get her because of the threats she keeps getting for snooping. Thirdly, from her point of view, the cops are very slow at solving the case and she thinks the chief doesn't like her because her mom turned him down. Of course.

Adding to the tension is Suzanne's ex-husband who believes she should forgive him already for cheating on her. He loves her, he misses her, and it was only one time, he says, and that's why Suzanne should take him back. He also becomes jealous when a state police investigator shows interest in Suzanne.

I have read so many cozy mysteries, I can usually figure out who did what before I get halfway through a story. Then curiosity takes hold and I read the ending to find out if I am right. If the story is good, I'll go back and finishing reading forward. I didn't do that with Glazed Murder. The author threw in so many red herrings, I couldn't guess who the murderer was. Yay! Me thinks I'll read another one of Suzanne's gumshoe adventures.

Ms. Beck gives 11 recipes, most of which are for doughnuts, including one for a baked doughnut that I want to try to make. And, yes, I wanted to eat a doughnut every time I put the book down. Probably would have if I wasn't going to sleep. Nope, I didn't dream of doughnuts.

P.S. This title fulfills both of these 2011 reading challenges in which I'm participating. They're both still open, if you're interested.

Click here for information.

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  1. All hands up for baked donuts. I want to read more and find out how it goes with the state investigator.

    will add a link to your review. Thanks.

  2. Heather, I agree. The relationship between the two was the most interesting parts.


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