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Heat and Ella

It's very hot in my part of the world, today, dear readers. Summer switched into autumn. Voila, hello heat wave. Temperatures climbed to 104 degrees yesterday, according to some weather reporters. The day before, 102 degrees. The weather widget on my computer shows 91 degrees. I looked a few minutes ago and it was 88  degrees. Dearest One in the Universe, please blow some breeze through. May I humbly ask that if you could possibly, please with natural raw sugarcane on top, roll some fog into Monterey Bay. Its fingers will definitely make it over the low mountain ridge and sneak through the mountain passes.

Ah, is that a bit of the breeze I feel?  Thank you, Dearest One in the Universe.  

For a nonsequitur, dear readers, let's listen to some Ella, as in Miss Ella Fitzgerald, the one who had a voice magnificent and smooth. I had the fortune of seeing her perform towards the end of her career. I was in awe of how a rich, vibrant voice came out of a sweet, little old lady. Listening and watching her made me realize that I wanted to age naturally, and, if at all possible, gracefully.

The first time I heard Ella sing was in Ride 'Em Cowboy, an Abbott and Costello movie. It was her first movie. She was singing my favorite nursery rhyme. I was a pudgy little kid in awe. This morning, while trying not to think about the heat, I came across a clip of Ella in that movie. Watching it felt just as good as that bit of breeze coming through the window. Enjoy.


  1. I loved this ! Brought a smile to my face -- thanks for sharing. I remember hearing Ella sing this of course (not at a live performance sadly) but I didn't remember it in a movie. Now I want to go look up some more clips about her.

    I recently put a link to a song by Patti Page on a post about Cape Cod! I tell you girl they don't make 'em like that any more.

  2. Hot Damn....
    How'd I miss this. I couldn't keep sitting. I was up dancing. Oh Ella, my dear love. Wasn't she the greatest? And you saw her in person. I never had that rare oportunity but I would have loved that memory to carry forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Sallie, hello. I'm glad you landed on this page for a bit of Ella. I'll come by in a bit and check out your Patti Page link. :-)

    Manzi, I can see you bopping in my mind. Now that I have this clip up, I come back and listen to it over and over.


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