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One Fine Summer Day

It's summer! The time to hang out with friends and wander aimlessly. The husband and I did just that on our first summer 23rd date. Our friend Kathy guided us up wooded paths to a lake where I saw my first red dragon flies and heard my first bullfrogs. On the way to and from it, we came upon jack rabbits, deer, bugs, yellow-tail butterflies, a slow-going garter snake, and much, much more. What a glorious and, yes, joyous, day!

We were walking a path that used to be part of the Wells Fargo route
between San Jose and the Pacific Coast. Can't you just see a Well Fargo
wagon bumpity bumping down the road?

"Dandelions! I rarely see dandelions," I exclaimed.
"What do you mean?" the husband replied. "They're growing on our front lawn." 
"Not like these," I said.

The golden hills of California.

We stood and watched this snake slowly make its way across the graveled path
to the lawn. We wondered if it had just eaten because its middle part
looked swollen, or perhaps it was going to start shedding.


  1. what a great day. red dragonflies and bullfrogs. how mystical and biblical. sounds like a fabulous early summer day!

  2. Ed, the next day, we saw a red dragonfly in our front yard. Made us wonder if one had followed us back down the path then stowed away in our car when we weren't looking.


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