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Maybe Not Like the Mama

If you want to know what a woman will be like, look at her mother.

That's what I overheard a friend say to the husband long ago.  He had said it with a goofy smile and a mix of pride, exasperation, and complacency. I had met his mother-in-law. If I believed in such a saying, I would still be running to get far away.

If that saying is true, then one day I would be picking up leaves off the ground, as I gripe about the neighbors and their messy trees and growl at the the wind for carrying the leaves into my yard.

I would also be sweeping the ground everyday, while the dust gathers even deeper inside the house.

On the plus side, if I ended up looking like the mama, I would finally be svelte, which would go better with my petiteness.

Sometimes I wonder if the husband looks at the mama and shudders because he thinks I may end up with some of her more crazy habits.

Like mine aren't so crazy.


  1. Well, you can rest assured that if, in terms of personality, you were anything like you mom, I wouldn't have married you. On the other hand, I do hope you inherited her longevity.

  2. i love the growling at the wind. i do that too, like when i ride my bike and the wind blows in my face and slow to a standstill. rrrrrrrrrr:)

  3. The husband: I hope I got those genes in me, too.

    Ed: :-)


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