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Three Uplifting Movies I Like

The Academy Awards was on tonight. The only thing I wanted to see was the opening bit with the hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. But I missed it, so I didn't watch the show. Anyway, out of the 10 movies that were up for an Oscar, the husband and I saw one. Up. That's the animated movie about an old man and a Boy Scout who were swept away to South America in the old man's house that was tied to 100s of helium balloons. It was a wonderful heartwarming story told with humor and honesty. Just the kind of story I like to watch.

Up makes my list of favorite movies that are about people who rise out of their depressions, indignities, or other darknesses currently in their lives. Here are three other movies at the top of my list.

Danny Deckchair is a tale of another man who flies far away by helium balloons, but his balloons are attached to his deck chair. The story is set in Australia. Danny is unhappy. He and his girlfriend don't see eye-to-eye about life. Danny has many ideas to try. For instance, helium balloons and flight. At a party, he and his friends tie balloons to his chair, and soon the chair sets off into the sky. Where it eventually lands begins the change for Danny. For a preview, click here.

The Man Who Sued God is also set in the land of down under. A lawyer (played by Billy Connolly) is sick of the system. He quits and becomes a fisherman. Lightening destroys his small boat. The insurance company won't pay his claim because the lightening mishap is "an act of God." The lawyer becomes furious and decides to sue all the churches because they are the representatives of God on earth. Can he find someone to defend him? Will the churches settle? Is it possible to win such a case? Does he win?

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With features Jeff Garlin who also wrote, produced, and directed the film, which is set in Chicago. He plays a guy who lives with his mom, because he thinks she'd be sad otherwise. He plays an actor who hasn't been called to audition for the Ernest Borgnine role in Marty, and he thinks he should've. He also is looking for love, but he doesn't get the signs from women that they are interested in him. Is it all because he is fat?


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