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The Last Thursday of 2022


My wise Mama liked to say, “If something doesn’t work, oh well. Try again.”  And that was my aim throughout 2022, The Year of Experimentation. 
Try this, try that. Give that a try. And, if a try doesn’t work, try another way. Try until I am satisfied and then give another way a try. Why not? Here are some highlights of my 2022: 

1. Paints poured and roared over paper, canvasses, and other surfaces.

2.  Beads and buttons and bits of jewelry were strung into sun catchers.
3. Fabric, paper, pictures, and etcetera were turned into cards, collages, calendars  hangings, and a headboard.

4. I got over my fear of sewing elastic, as well as practiced patience ripping out worn-out elastic from pants and skirts.
5. I got back into writing poetry.

6. I’ve opened the folders of an unfinished project I started, oh my gosh, 40some years ago, about the history of Filipino Americans in my hometown and county, where I was born, raised, and returned.

7. I discovered that the slips I grew from a sweet potato are the same as the camote leaves I bought for Mama every Spring to plant for a supply of fresh leaves for salads during summer. Camote translates to sweet potato. Since Mama’s camote leaves didn’t bore fruit, I thought they were a different species. Ha! I could’ve grown camote leaves for her.  

8. The Husband planted a small Three Sisters plot for the first time. The corn was a success. We got several hands full of beans. As for the squash plants, they gve us two or three fruits and a lots of flowers, which  the  bees enjoyed. The Husband plans to do a slightly bigger Three Sisters plot next year. 

9. At the start of this year, I pulled up my old lady panties and met with a local orthopedist to get my left knee joint replaced. Because of COVID and administrative/management issues at the local hospital, it took 
11 months to get a turn on the surgery table.  The surgeon is worth the wait. Here, I sit today with a two-week old new left knee joint. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I call the six-inch incision Scarletta. I’ll spare you a picture of her. 🙃

10. The Husband is becoming a cook. He follows instructions well, as long as I give precise ones from the sidelines. Some of the new things he’s made so far are fried pork chops, rib steak, a rice and beans dish, and acouple of pasta dishes.

11. Sweet Eliza Does-a-lot retired after 29 years and more than 150,000 miles of service. 
12. Eliza is sitting in the driveway for now. She’s keeping Sally Fourth company during the winter. Sally, as some of you know is a used Mitsubishi Mirage that we bought from a car rental place.

13. The Spirit of Missy Molly by Golly the pinky-nosed (Wilde) Cat soared into the Universe in May. We miss the Girl so very much.

I’m sharing today’s post with Thursday 13 and I Like Thursday. Come visit wonderful bloggers with me.  Good Cheer Everyone! 


  1. If your husband needs precise instructions, get him a cookbook. I mean, that's why they exist, right? Is he enjoying doing the cooking?

    1. The cookbook will be the next step, once he feels comfortable being unsupervised. It’s fun getting meals out this way.

  2. Susie~I'm looking forward to reading your, "History of the Filipino Americans!" Please let me know when.... :)

  3. What a year! A new knee! I love the fabric wall hanging and the picture of your husband in the garden. Wow.

  4. oh my gosh, from start to finish I loved this. You are a terrific writer and person, loved seeing dh by the vege plot and a man who cooks, a "good thing" Hope scarletta is worth the new knee who shall be named and you're on the road again soon. Keep writing and painting, I love to see it. Oh my.... miss molly was such a beauty and companion. I saw a video of what a man saw in a near death experience, and a field of all the animals plus the ones he knew, were there. I sure hope so, I want to see Chelsea (my labradaughter) and Cole (my poodle-son) again. Love, LeeAnna

  5. A new knee in time for Christmas, I hope your recovery time isn't too long. I like the photo of the husband in the garden, he looks very handsome :-) A Happy New Year to you both Susie, I hope it's a good one for you :-)

  6. Thanks, Eunice! In college, the Husband’s nickname was Farmer Dick because he wore overalls. 50 plus years later, he’s living up to his name. He dug the overalls out of the closet for this photo opp.


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