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Something Different

Landscapes usually make their way out of the recesses of my mind to paper or canvas or fabric. I don’t think about it.  It’s what happens. 

This time I experimented with something in mind. I wanted to compose a scene with people and to use bold colors. It turns out hearts like to find a place in my pictures. I like that.

Okey-dokey. I’m sharing with Art for Fun Friday. Cheers, One and All!


  1. I like hearts too. Enjoyed your painting. Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday


  2. This is wonderful, Susie! The hearts look perfect in there.

    Visiting you from Art for Fun Friday.

  3. You painted what you needed to paint. Maybe people next time? Not that it needs to be.

  4. That's very cool. I have thought about trying my hand at painting but have so far refrained.

  5. Very creative and expressive ~ filled with love ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative harbor)

  6. me too, ! Landscapes seem to bubble up when painting with paint and also with fabrics! love to take the clippings and strips of my painted fabric, mostly, and compose a vista. what a blessing to be young of heart!!

    1. Cool, Sonja! I’m glad I took that first step to try.


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