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Comes From Chaos

How can I work in chaos? This, I asked myself as I sliced a thin edge off a rectangle of patchwork with a rotary cutter among tossed array. Tossed array, is that such a thing? It sounds like something I might’ve learned in physics, logic, theoretical mathematics, if it had been my pleasure. Thank goodness, Mama and Daddy had no clue about such things either. What was I talking about?

How can I work in chaos?

Picture this: Me looking at the tossed arrays of fabric spread over all available surfaces of the room. Where is that cute print I thought would be a perfect background for a card? No where to be found. Oh well, second choice works.

Fast forward. Where is my card template? 

I turned around and what do I see? Yep. That cute print I wanted. That’s one way chaos works for me.


  1. I don't do well in chaos. But that's me. Some people thrive on it. I think we need both types of people. My people will clean up the mess. Your people create the mess. And somehow we work together to get it all done.

    1. Interesting concept. I’m both kinds. Most of my life, I have been cleaning up messes. All the chaos I’ve been creating around the house will definitely give the people clearing my mess a great shudder and sigh, hahaha

  2. Interestingly, the older I get the less I find I can work in chaos. Maybe it's the extra energy I'll have to expend to find what I need. :)


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