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Wildfires are happening in the counties surrounding us, two of the biggest ones roaring since mid-August. All the fires are slowly, but surely being contained, thanks to the many firefighters and others involved. 

We live in San Benito County, part of Central Coast California, and we're very fortunate that our only problem with the fires has been poor air quality. Since mid-August, the weather has alternated between HOT and smoky and cold and smoky. At the moment, the sun is doing its best to break through the layers of fog, ashes, dust, and smoke. 

Last Sunday afternoon was the hottest day of our last mini heatwave. Our power went off for several hours. No big deal for me. I slept and slept. But, before I fell asleep, I heard fireworks go off in the near distance. Some people.


  1. Hello,

    I can not imagine having to go outside and breathe in all the smoky air. The firefighters are so brave to be out there putting out all the wildfires. People putting off the fireworks during these times are just stupid. I pray you, your hubby and place stay safe. Take care, enjoy your new week!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I don't want to imagine being in the thick of things at all. Yes, indeed, Cheers for the Firefighters!!!

  2. We've had smoky here in SoCal, but not as bad as some places, I think. Although, the ashy air created a haze which cooled our temps a bit. I hope things are starting to clear up around your way.

    1. Around 5 p.m. the Husband thought he saw a bit of blue sky in the bathroom skylight. The fog has been in the last two or three days. It seems like the fog is thicker each morning. It lifts off the ground but stays in the air. It's almost like the way it was living in San Francisco where the fog doesn't lift til about an hour or so before sunset.

  3. My best friend at the moment is our portable air purifier that we bought a couple of fire-seasons ago. The smoke billowed up here last week and has refused to leave. :(

    1. Hey Widder, hope the air is better now. We had blue skies yesterday. The air purifier is something we ought to think about getting.


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