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Full of Questions

I forgot what I thought I wanted to write about.

That's what happens when too much time passes between Ah-ha-I've-something-to write and turning on the computer, which may only be a matter of climbing the stairs to the office.

Obviously it wasn't anything worth saying out loud.

Ever wonder if you've said or written something that was quoted by others? Wouldn't that be cool?

Yesterday our governor (in California) urged all of us, senior citizens, to stay put in our homes so that we won't risk contracting the coronavirus. The Husband and I pretty much hunker down most of the time, so this suggested decree is not a burden. Although I did panic for a moment when I thought we might not pay our property tax bill on time because the bank and the tax office may suddenly close. Then it came to me that we can use a credit car to pay online or over the phone. I'd rather not, so I may suggest to the Husband that we go out in the world sooner rather than later.

A putterer, I have become. It's fun. I flit from one thing to the next, all small doable projects. Potting marigolds. Baking mushroom buns. Braiding fabric strips for a window hanging, or ought I say window treatment.

A curtain of rags.

Sometimes my projects are connected. For instance, I needed to transplant a sage bush (I think it's sage. Could be a salvia?) that may grow about three feet tall and 30 inches wide. Hmmm, okay, the plant may outgrow the box in which I planted it. Awk. I'll deal with that when, and if, that happens. As I was saying, before I could turn this box into a planter, I wanted to paint it first.

Nearly everything I paint ends up being a wilderness landscape. I never ever would've thought that was in me. When I backpacked once upon a time, I didn't carry a camera because what I saw never translated in photos.

So, how many passwords do you hold in your head? How many are truly necessary to be memorized? Wouldn't you like to free brain cells for your short term memory box to hold something temporarily? Just like whatever it was I forgot that I wanted to write about.

Be well, Everybody. May we maintain cool heads, stay positive, and share good will and humor.

I'm off to join in the fun at All Seasons and Mosaic Monday. Merci beaucoup to the lovely hosts.


  1. I like your painting!

    I dislike the whole business of passwords. I've had my identity stolen 4 times that I know of, and none of them involved my password, Someone just stole a whole database: from an insurance company, from the government personnel office, from a cell phone company, and from the credit burea.u. What use are passwords if a thief has you entire credit history?

  2. I am sure that your painting skill will be therapeutic during these times of confinement. It is going to be a challenge for all us, without doubt. Stay well, and listen to your public health authorities.

  3. They closed schools here for the first time the other day.

  4. Hello, there are times I need to challenge my memory with tests. Hubby and I do not mind staying around our house. We can take walks on our local fire road and see no one.. I like the cute rag curtain and your painting is lovely. Mushroom buns? They look yummy. Stay safe and healthy, stay calm and happy. Enjoy your day, have a great week!

  5. I am so glad I wandered over to your blog today. Made me chuckle. Love your window treatment, and the painting is awesome. I agree what you see is never accurately represented when you take a photo. I am just as guilty of not taking pictures for that same reason. Maybe it is a photo cannot evoke all the sensual experiences that we remember at that moment. Not only the site, but the smells, sounds, the feeling it gives you at that nanosecond in time.

  6. I could use those cheerful window treatments! Would need to steal a smidge of your talent though. .... I have a feeling that most of us who blog the way we do are not overly inconvenienced by “social isolation”. Sometimes the only thing that got me out among people was reading a warning article about how social isolation was bad for “the elderly”. Now it’s recommended and I have an excuse to cocoon. Or do I mean no excuse not to? ... speaking of “the elderly” (and I hate that term) half of my children, being over 60, now apparently fit into that demographic (and the younger two are nearly there). I guess it is definitely official that we are old olds now. ..... yikes. You two take care of yourselves...

  7. They make password books to write passwords in. I keep a page with them, because I have way too many. There are also smartphone password managers where you can have them stored someplace so you never have to remember them.

    It's wild how many things have closed. But this is an unprecedented pandemic, so better to close things than to risk so many people.

  8. I'm a putterer as well. Or my mom would say scatterbrained. I hop from one project to the next with a dozen or so going at one time. Maybe being forced to stay home I'll finish a few. Be safe, stay in and well. Prayers we all meet again next week and the next.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  9. Su-sieemac - I hope you are raising that glass of beer right about now. Between your virtual hike with me and your memory loss (Ha!), I thought you might need to be reminded that you earned it! I am definitely losing my ability to remember things, which is why I try to write stuff down as soon as I think of it, and why I have two pages worth of passwords! Love your window creations - a clever way to upcycle those rags! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday - I am finding refuge in my blogging buddies! Stay healthy!

  10. Susie, the rag curtains are so creative - I love them! What i also love is you continuously show that it does not take a lot of $$ to turn on the creativity. You probably inherited some of your mama's skills, but it came out later in life:) Love the landscape you painted. So you were a backpacker eh? I guess you're have a lot of knowledge and wisdom that you have kept inside! Time to share it, Susie:):)
    Sage, I Love that spice, if you keep it trimmed?.... As always, thank you for a lovely post for All Seasons, and have a supper creative week!

  11. ...I'm looking forward to hunkering down too, but first fly about 4,700 miles home. Hopefully on Thursday! Stay safe and healthy.

  12. Big hugs to all three of you . . . when you think about shopping lists it's probably a good idea to think in terms of months, rather than weeks.

  13. I smiled to imagine you flitting from one project to another.... with wings to fly. Making rag curtains, painting…., there are so many to do indeed if only you are motivated. I like puttering around, too. Take care.


  14. Hi Susie! Lovely window coverings - they look bright and cheery. I hope you are able to just sneak in and out and pay your taxes without issue. I usually long to stay home when I have to go to work. Now that I have to work from home, I am counting my blessings. This too shall pass and hopefully with as many people staying in as possible, it will greatly diminish our nation's deaths. {{Hugs}} to you and your. Stay healthy and safe. ~smile~ Roseanne


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