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Me x 13

Yippieee! Hurrah! Happiest of 33 x 2 Birthdays to me. I don't normally look back at my year. This being a day for Thursday 13, I got curious.

1. Using pastels, I painted my first canvas.

2. Other firsts: I decoupaged rocks and made stepping stones out of concrete.

3. I started the process of putting Mama's estate at rest.

4. The Husband and I moved everything from storage to the garage. Finally, after 16 years.

5.  Garden art! Yard art! Another something I never thought I would ever do.

6. We emptied all our boxes of books and distributed them accordingly to thrift shops, Friends of the Library, and our bookshelves. Some books have been set aside for paper crafting.

7. Mama's house is becoming our home in our own style. The living room looks like a cozy library. The backyard may one day look like this drawing I created a few years ago. Cool!

8. The Husband and I went on a short road trip.  I got to see the Trinity Alps in Northern California for the first time. Beautiful!

9. This is the second December that I'm volunteering at the local historical museum as a collections cataloger. I honestly didn't think I would last this long.

10. With another volunteer, I created my first museum display, which was about the annual horse show and rodeo.

11. Health is good.

12. I took part in a local photographer's exhibition.

13. Best of all, the Husband, Molly the Cat, and I saw more of our friends this year. Shared meals.  Cooked together. Painted and crafted. Talked and chatted. Laughed. Wandered paths, roads, parks, and cities. Helped each other. Enjoyed life.
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  1. A full and colorful. I remember a lot of this from past posts! I see angels in orchids.

  2. this post just came in... wowie! Love it all. I see faces in trees and nature too. Congrats on both exhibits. Cataloguing historical items sounds like a dream job... nice! Here's to the yard becoming that picture. Just got the persimmons and haven't even opened them yet... you made me feel special like a sister sent me a gift... love, LeeAnna

    1. Thanks, LeeAnna. I don't know if I could do cataloging full-time. but it is fun. I'm actually using some of my new skills at home. May be that's why I'm suddenly creating new piles of organization. Hope you've opened the box by now. :-)

  3. From storage to garage, you crack me up but I hear you, that's progress. My father has been gone five years and I still have his stuff in milk crates. I have moved one of the crates recently though.
    That yard dresser is so cool. I think you would have liked what I did to my TV and VCRs in the 90s.
    A collections cataloger sounds like it could be interesting, museums are cool. Nice display, are you a symmetry person?
    Congrats on the exhibit, your photo is adorable, the camera loves you, you could have your own reality show.

    1. Thanks, Jeanna. Reality show, hahahahah. We've cleared enough boxes in the garage that we can now bring Mama's stuff from the attic to the garage. More progress! Asymmetry person, me. The other volunteer, yes.

    2. I think the OCD part of me demands things match up.

  4. Colorful different 13 experiences. Each one spices up others. Personally I’m most interested in #7. The shadow art is wonderful.



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