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Not Today

1. To avoid doing something on my Really, Definitely, Certainly, Absolutely Must Do list, I sewed two kitchen towels.

2. Nothing difficult. The material simply needed hemming, some only on three sides. The towels were made out of medium heavy cotton sacks that I found among Mama's stash of things to sew into something else.

3. I not only inherited the sacks but also the conclusion they will become kitchen towels one day. That was over three years ago.

4. Not all the sacks will be kitchen towels. Some of the material may find its way into clothing, a wall hanging, a painting, and/or a something that has yet to come to mind.

5. Molly the Cat just reminded me that I didn't transfer two house plants into bigger pots. Also, that I wanted to pick apples off the tree.

6. This morning I woke up thinking that I would work in the garden before breakfast. Then I got distracted thinking about scones for breakfast.

7. A half-a-cup of organic heavy cream, more or less, was about to go bad in the fridge. Three weeks ago I bought a pint of the good stuff with the intention of making chocolate lemon truffles. But, then we kept having little heat waves for me to want to bother.

8. So, the leftover cream went into a basic scone recipe with walnuts, frozen blueberries, leftover lemon-sugar syrup, and leftover chocolate and butter concoction. Not bad!

9. Baking scones must have been the thing that threw me off doing something on my Really, Definitely, Certainly, Absolutely Must Do List.

10. I dawdled over breakfast. Read last week's The Week magazine and completed two Sudoku puzzles. I never learn that it's best to finish one then close the book.

11. Kudos to me for remembering to order our vitamin pills today. I didn't even write it on the list. Something I had been meaning to do last week.

12. The Husband was too tired to wash the dishes last night so he had a whole lot to wash after breakfast. I was sure he didn't want to wash anymore today than I wanted to put stuff together for our next meal, so I suggested we pick up something to eat while we were out doing errands. Tacos, yummm.

13.  Will I address that something on my Really, Definitely Certainly, Absolutely Must Do List tomorrow? Maybe. Probably. Sure. Though, tomorrow will be Friday.

This was my N post for ABC Wednesday and my list of 13 for Thursday Thirteen, two very fun weekly memes.


  1. lol. welcome to the land of "oh, it's too late to do that now..." Been there, sometimes I think we've always been there, because, what happens when you do all the things on
    the list? =)

  2. I never got into Sudoku, but I always hated math as a kid. So a puzzle math game isn't my cup of tea.

  3. I dawdle every morning but have never made scones!

  4. I have a pile of to-be-made-into-something-else, too. Sometimes the must list must wait.

  5. I love this list but I get distracted with instagram and animal videos.

  6. Haha, I have MANY of this kind of day -- maybe tomorrow :)

  7. Many items on a Really, Definitely, Certainly, Absolutely Must Do list, can always be put off until another day! :)

  8. Breakfast often lasts a couple of hours at our house... well, the food doesn’t, but the time at the table does! And there are no scones. Why are there no scones? (When I dawdle, I really dawdle. (You on the other hand actually accomplish something delicious, even if it wasnt on your to do list.)

  9. Would we see your head stuck in the ground on the ostrich necK? Maybe mine is in there with you. I love those colors and the style, it reminds me of what I think your garden looks like.
    The trick is to add the things you do to the list after you've done them. Then you can look back on it and think you've ticked one more thing off. I've finally moved my lists from an ancient iPod Touch to a not exactly new Moto Play.


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