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More than Fair Results

As the Husband and I were starting to unwind into our evening relax mode, I thought about the grumpy ladies guarding the fair's quilt and sewing division's submissions when I went to pick up my entries an hour or so earlier.

"Oh no!" Down thumped my feet from the hassock. "I forgot my elephant!"

Off the Husband and I scampered back into must-get-things-done mode. The fairgrounds is only seven miles away so it was not a big deal to go back, especially since the first time out I caught a ride with a friend who was also fetching her entries.

Back at the fairgrounds,  I wondered if the grumpy ladies wouldn't give me my elephant because I didn't have my claim check.

All six or seven women, middle-aged and older, sitting in chairs and around a table, looked at me. All long-time sewers and quilters, no doubt. Gulp. "I'm picking up my textile," I said, knowing right away that's the wrong term. Amateur, I am. "A wall hanging of an elephant."

"Do you have your claim check?" asked one of the younger women, whose husband, it turns out, graduated from our local high school with the Older Brother.

"No, sorry."

The woman said, as she made the motion, "Shame on you." She smiled and asked me for my name. As she found my hanging, I said to the other women, "I was just putting my feet up when I remembered that I forgot to pick up my elephant hanging when I was here earlier."

The ladies all laughed with me.

Not only did I successfully retrieve my hanging, I received a check for two bucks for winning second in the class and an invitation by the not-at-all grumpy ladies to enter again next year.

"I already have an idea," I said.  All the ladies gave me a sweet encouraging smile.

I'm glad I forgot my elephant wall hanging when I was picking up my other entries.

I love entering stuff in the fair. I love the challenge of executing a theme or category, whether it's for flowers, crafts, baked goods, or something else. And, I love being surprised with learning how each entry fared. Ribbons are cool. (I came home with red, blue, and white ribbons.) So are prizes, such as cash and gift cards. Feedback, good or bad, is very much appreciated. The judge (or judges) who tasted my lemon bundt cake gave me very helpful comments. I'm already thinking about entering another lemon bundt cake next year to see how well the cake and my skills have improved.

I'd like to also enter something in the sewing division now that I don't feel too intimidated around the sweet, not-at-all-grumpy, ladies.

What do you think you might like to enter into your county fair next year? 

Hooking up with All Seasons and Mosaic Monday. Hope you'll check out these fun weekly memes.


  1. I haven't entered anything in the fair since I was a kid. My carved Kachina doll from third grade one a ribbon. We have a great fall fair in Powell River. Maybe someday I'll get the courage to try something again. - Margy

  2. Su-sieeemac - congratulations on your fair success, and for overcoming your "fear" of the grumpy old ladies. You have inspired me to put a "to-do" on my "to-do list" - enter something in the fair next summer. As my hubby will tell you, once something goes on that list, it gets done! Not likely to be cooking - probably photography or stitching of some sort! Thanks for the "push", and for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Congratulations on winning a prize! I have never had the nerve to enter anything in a county fair. I have entered pictures in shows after being pushed to do so by friends, but never sold anything.

  4. I can see you had good fun with the fair! ;)

  5. It's good that you remembered your elephant, and well done on your success :)

  6. Glad they were nice when you got to talking to them. I'm sure you could have bounced some ideas off of them as well. Congrats on your prizes and ribbons.

  7. Am so happy you are putting your creativity to good use, and show them to people by means of the fair!! Love the yok-o-ono one, great play on words to your top three arrangements:) And making friends with the not-so-grumpy ladies, haha! Love your share this with All Seasons - the more the better! Have a great week, Susie!

  8. is too short to be grumby!!!

  9. Sounds like a fun experience and I'm glad you'll do it again.

  10. Congratulations. :) . . . glad you went back for your elephant too. :)

  11. Congrats for winning!
    I love taking part in contests. Winning is a different story. But, still taking part & giving it my best shot gives me a high :)

    1. And yes, your entry looks lovely! Sweet Elephant hanging! Keep up the great work! May you keep improving! Do take part in any contest that comes your way :)

  12. So the grumpy old ladies were not so grumpy after al--hahaha!! I love entering my photos at the fair. We used to be able to enter 3 but now one 2 at a time. We enter veggies and flowers too. Maybe someday I will enter an embroidery project---or not. LOL

  13. congratulations on your prize. I am glad you remembered in time to collect your elephant hanging. Happy crafting and thank you for visiting my blog this week.

  14. Congrats on winning the prizes. I love the elephant wall hanging. It is nice you made friends with the ladies. Enjoy your day!

  15. Your elephant is my favorite of the group!

  16. So glad you took part in the fair. I put in a few entries in our local fair. It not if you win or loose. To me it being part of your community.
    Coffee is on

  17. Hi! It's hard to live a life. Nice ending!


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