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Late, Not Late

The White Rabbit said he was late. What was he late for? The tea party? Curious minds, such as mine, want to know.

Oh my. The Husband is doubly smart. Initially I wrote "Curious minds, such as me, want to know." That seemed off. Should it be "such as I"?  Still didn't sound right, thus I asked the Husband. Neither appealed to him either.

Ever the good grammar student back in the schooldays, the Husband asked, "Is it an object or a subject?

My eyes crossed.

"Read it again," he said.

"Curious minds, such as me, want to know."


"Mind," I repeated.



"It's curious minds that want to know."

My eyes uncrossed. I'm giving an example of a curious mind. Awwww. The Husband is a genius. Alas, he didn't know either what the important date was the White Rabbit needed to make.

I brought up the White Rabbit because I thought I was being like him. Lately I've been hippy-hopping all over the place getting chores done, starting new projects, and doing this and that, all the while having a lot of fun.

Oh my gosh, I've opened the door, again, that's labeled Give It a Try, What do I Have to Lose? 

Last weekend the Husband and I, with Good Friend Missus H, and Good Friend Bene, participated in an art workshop by El Teatro Campesiño in the town next over. Yes, that El Teatro Campesiño which came out of the United Farm Workers Movement and was founded by Luis Valdez who created Zoot Suit and La Bamba. Yup. Pretty cool.

For the past few Autumns, the locally-based theater troupe has invited the community to free art workshops where the participants help create banners, masks, puppet heads, and other props for its Dia De Los Muertos celebration on the first weekend of November. Our friends, the Husband, and I attended one of the last workshops so we got to be involved in painting details on butterflies. Yup. Pretty cool. I can hardly wait until next year to sign up for the earlier workshops.

I thought I was similar to the White Rabbit because I've been late to visiting your blogs and responding to comments on mine. But, tardy is not what I am. Slow-going is more like it. So, please know I'll be coming around soon.

By the way, see all that floor in the photo way up at the top of the post. That's another cool thing. We could dance there. I invited the Husband to dance the waltz or the polka with me but he was too busy balancing the checkbook. 

It has been a few years since we've seen the floor. I cleared up the piles behind my chair and in front of the Husband's desk on Sunday so that I can repot that big umbrella plant. Once that's done, by golly, by gee,  I'll have to address the piles that I shoved to the sides of the room and in the closet. Fun!

It's time to check out two of my favorite weekly memes: All Seasons and Mosaic Monday!


  1. You could almost hold a tea dance in that space you've cleared :) I love the butterfly - and the White Rabbit was late for the royal garden party where he was due to act as herald .

  2. Su-sieeemac - I love it when you hippy-hop all over the place - it is entertainment for all of us! And how could hubby possibly pass up a polka with you in favor of balancing the checkbook? Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. You are always where you're supposed to be - 💙 - I'm always happy to find you somewhere -

    The White Rabbit was late for his job (as herald) for the Duchess . . .
    But, he was always the nervous sort anyway . . .

    Now, I need to clear some floor space.
    love & love,

  4. Grammar conundrums are never fun. There are some good sites online to help with that, like Grammar Girl.

    It's always great to clear out a room, but what to do with the stuff that was there? Good luck.

  5. My first thought was...look at all the floor space you have! How clean and tidy! Sounds like you are enjoying your creativity...both of you! Hugs!

  6. That's the first thing I noticed in that photo - the floor space. I am trying to make floor space around here. The butterfly wings are pretty.

  7. Love that floor and those monarch wings!

  8. He was late, late for a very important date. It didn’t matter what it was, just that it was “very important“! Like people nowadays always rushing for no good reason (like the guy this morning who raced around us on a double striped road, so he could be first at a red light a few yards further up the road). I’m always behind time on visiting blogs. And that *is* actually very important!

  9. Here's my favourite Alice quote: “You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” I'm bonkers too and then every now and again I stop everything and have a massive tidy up... Sound familiar.? Love your butterfly wings!
    Wren x

  10. A season and time for all things. Be gnetle with yourself.

  11. There was a long line at the organic carrot stand in the farmers' market. That's why he was late.

  12. 30th October . . . haven't heard from you in a while, Ms Mac . . . everything OK?


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