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Love x 13

i, ii, iii, iv
Evolution of Love.  That's what has been happening with the mystery craft project I'm working on for the county fair. I have to use at least four items from this list: bandana, feather,  pillar candle holder, magnet, cake pan, sea shells, wooden spoon, domino, yarn, rocks, paper party hat, and plastic liter bottle.

So far, I have rocks, dominoes, and a cake pan in the mix. Yarn, sea shells, and/or a party hat are in consideration.

Can you tell what the dominoes spell?

v, vi
Iago the Iguana is one of my ABC Creatures that I created for Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. The imaginary iguana was named for my dad, Santiago, who was sometimes called Ago (pronounced like Iago).

This handsome dude, Iago, is in love with an egret named Edwina. Imagine that. If you want to read his story, click this link: Iago the Iguana and the Invitation.

"And, love is all that I can give to you," sang Nat King Cole.

viii, ix
I drew this illustration for another ABC Wednesday post that I wrote in 2015. Four years ago, my gosh! L is for Sending her Love Home with Me is about Mama and her unconditional love. If you'd like to read the post, click here.

"What this world needs now is love, sweet love," sang Jackie DeShannon.

xi, xii
Filemon the Flying Squirrel is another ABC creature that I did during Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. I like to name my characters after friends, but that doesn't mean the characters are like their namesakes. So I think. This little flying guy was named after a good friend I made during my school days at San Francisco State. There is one characteristic the real and imaginary dudes share—courage.

In his story, Filemon, with much love and encouragement from his friends, takes flight for the first time. Click this link, if you want to read about his adventure: Filemon the Flying Squirrel's First Flight.

I Love You.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
It's continually been said.
Forever and a day, so true.

I'm linking up with these memes today. Please check them out.  Cheers to One and All!


  1. Love LOVE dominos. The love you take is equal to the love you make.

  2. Love the dominos. Very cool. Love is all you need. Or so I heard. Me, I need chocolate.

  3. Heh, very clever with the dominoes. :D

  4. Awe I like you my sensitive artistic friend

  5. nobody can live a good life without it.

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

  6. Love all your colorful and whimsical drawings!


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