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Tuna BLT on Sourdough Bread

"I'll have a tuna BLT," said Good Friend D.

"What?" responded the waitress.

"Tuna BLT," said he again while some of us checked the menu again. It turned out D merged the tuna melt and the BLT together in his head, at which the waitress relaxed, then said they don't substitute. Oh well. D ended asking for the BLT.

The Husband and I were so enamored with the idea of a tuna BLT, I concocted sandwiches for us a week later.

• 2 slices of barely toasted sourdough bread
• Mustard
• 3 strips of bacon (which I cooked in the toaster oven)
• 2 tomato slices
• 2 or 3 lettuce leaves (we had red lettuce in the fridge)
• Tuna filling: one can of tuna mixed with minced celery, onion, garlic, orange bell pepper, pickle, pumpkin seeds, mayonnaise, and creamed horseradish.

I layered the sandwich as such: A slice of bread, tuna filling, lettuce, tuna filling, tomato, bacon, and the other slice of bread spread with mustard.

The Husband and I totally would have a tuna BLT again. I might even make a melted tuna BLT, with less bacon since there's the addition of cheese. Mmmmm.


  1. D is definitely not alone! As soon as i saw the title of the post, it made sense to me and I am glad it did to you two as well. i would make that.

    1. I'm definitely going to eat more tuna sandwiches. They're worth the work of making them.

  2. You are living the wild life, Susie. I see no reason not to add bacon to anything. That is the craziest tuna salad recipe I've ever seen. Man I am Jonesin' for some fresh pumpkin seeds now. I just discovered that you can substitute onion if you don't have celery, but both, you madwoman. I'm pretty cheap so rarely pay extra for the fancy bright peppers like red, orange or yellow unless I'm fancying up some salsiccia, lol. How about a little dill in that tuna salad and some relish with a Milwaukee kosher dill on the side?

    1. hahahahahaha. You have the Husband and me laughing gutbusters, Jeanna. I'm thinking that it's time to keep a bottle of relish handy in the fridge. I just remembered the lunch meat and relish sandwiches the Mama would make for my lunch when I was a kid. The relish made the lunch meat edible. Dill would be different for me. I wonder why I don't eat much dill. I like deviled eggs with dill. Time to go downstairs and find something to eat.

  3. Then it's a TBLT

    or BTLT

    or TTBL

  4. Replies
    1. I think it could. If I add a lot of garlic to the recipe, I could enter it into next year's Garlic Festival contest.

  5. Yuuuum! ... all that squishy filling. A taste sensation! :)

    1. If we hadn't bought hot dogs yesterday, we would've got bacon and had another sandwich this week. We're being so adult, I'm impressed. :-)

  6. Yum. I'm in. I will mention to the Spousal Unit (when he's not glued to the computer or the TV).


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