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More Garden Art

I decided to enter the garden art class in the repurposed and recycled crafts category for the county fair. The instructions were simple: Take one item (any item), photograph it, then turn it into garden art.

My first idea was to make an asterisk out of a tree branch. It worked, but looked too clumsy.

Next idea was to create an elephant out of chicken wire. It was turning out well but safety became an issue with all the sharp points. So I abandoned the project for another day.

Then came the mini aluminum decorative milk can, pictured above. Too bad I painted the lid shut so I couldn't plant a succulent in it. (I'll work on getting it open later.)

Finally, something worked. I painted one of the Mama's dried gourds that I found in the garage. It's one she grew for seeds. If anyone asks me what it's purpose will be in the garden, I'll say "Birdhouse." lol

Time for me to clean up and take the entries to the fairgrounds. When I get back, I'll start working on my floral arrangements due on Wednesday.  It's fun entering stuff into the county fair.  Does anyone participate in their county fair? What have you entered?

Sunday means linking up with All Seasons, a weekly meme hosted by Jesh of The Jesh Studio. Click here to check out her blog. For this week's participants list, click here. Thanks, Jesh!


  1. Good luck. May you win many ribbons.

    I don't enter my county fair. The county fair for the neighboring Orange County is closer than the one for LA County. I never get to the LA County fair (although, the commercials are brilliant).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it was fun. I probably put three layers, some places four layers, of paint on that gourd. lol

  3. Replies
    1. I hope a bird will use it. The birds in our yard seem content with their nests high up in the tree.

  4. Love the milk jug with the space look and the gourd is so much fun. When I was in Grade school, we had to write a mini book about ourselves and show pictures also. I created an album using a notebook and wrote about my life...hahhaaa. Funny to write this when one is 9 or 10 but my teacher loved it so much that he told me to enter it into the country fair...I won first place!

    1. I would've give you first place, too, Birgit. I love what you did. I want to pretend I'm 9 and put one together. Maybe I will!

  5. Good luck! The painted gourd looks fun!

  6. Many moons ago I won first prize at a Agricultural Show, as they are called in Australia, for a tapestry I designed and sewed and framed. It was a silhouette of Liza Minnelli from 'Cabaret', as I recall. :)

  7. Let us know how it turned out! Our kids and grandkids have entered stuff .... rabbits they raised and art work.

    1. I will, Sallie. Good for your kids and grandkids! I never experienced it back in those days even though I was growing up among 4-H'ers and FFA'ers. I like to enter at least one category I haven't done before.


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