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Three Months to Go

"You got something official from Medicare," said The Husband, going through the mail the other day. "Be sure you open it up and read it."

"Yeah, yeah."

"You tear up envelopes without looking inside. This may be important," he cautioned. "I'm putting it on the table."


Yesterday, the letter caught my eye. It did look very official, so I ripped the envelope open rather than in half.

"It's my Medicare card!"

The Husband patted my shoulder.


Medicare won't kick in for another three months. It is nice to know the organization has its ducks in the row. Now, I need to get mine in a row and choose the best Medicare plan for me.

Thank you, President Lyndon B. Johnson!


  1. Good thing you opened the envelope. Did you know some places give senior citizen discounts? Like, fast food sometimes does.

    1. Since my college days when I found senior citizens got a great discount on bus fare, I looked forward to taking advantage of it myself. When I hit my 50s, people were giving me the senior discounts without me asking, and when I told them I didn't qualify, they gave me the discount anyway out of being embarrassment. I had no problem. I had no doubt I was looking haggard from stress.

  2. We had nothing until 1965?! Now I'm trying to think of that LBJ song from Hair. I just got one for my mother and need to copy it before it goes in the wallet. I love, love, love your illustration. Very Georgia O'Keeffe.

    1. Yup, 1965. It was a God-send for the Daddy when he turned 65 five years later. He had a lot of heart issues so having Medicare helped the family a lot. The Husband got on Medicare a couple years ago, just in time for a pacemaker.

      Georgia O'Keeffe? Maybe the heart. She's one of my favorite artists. Thank you!

  3. You got at least year before Trump guts the program to fund the Space Force

  4. I’m glad you didn’t rip it up and will soon have your medicine free.

    1. Not really, but cheaper. We still pay Medicare insurance premiums. Also premium for a Medigap or Medicare Plan C plan to help pay for the 20% that Medicare doesn't cover.

  5. Phew! That was a close call. Kudos to The Husband. :)

    1. Mister Man looks out for Molly the Cat and me. Fortunate are we.


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