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Adjusting to Weather

Two nights ago the Husband and I felt chilled so we turned on the heater.  Is this the beginning of getting older for us? Older bodies feel the cold more, I've been told. In the Mama's last weeks of being able to haul herself out of bed and tumble towards the wall thermostat, she cranked it up as far as it could go. She still didn't find sufficient warmth. Sigh.

I swerved in thought, oh well. Today is h-o-t! It's supposed to get into the 90s for the next two days. I feel a breeze kicking up right now, hurrah.

Watering the yard is the Husband's job, which he likes to do it in the early evening. Fearing for the front yard plants, I let the Husband snore away and did some watering early this morning.  No big deal. Watering gives me a chance to look at how all the plants are faring, and I discovered that some roses have dried on their stems. See the white edges on the roses in the photo. Those roses are dry. Isn't it amazing how they held their color?

If I cut them off very carefully, I may be able to keep the dried blooms intact and use them for a flower display. Oooh, wouldn't that be cool?

I wonder what it going on that the rosebuds to fully developed roses are drying on their stems.


  1. I haven't felt cold in about a month now.

  2. It's raining, again, here and we've got the heater on. Isn't Summer wonderful! :)

    1. Delightful. :-) Today has been hot as the weather guys promised. Love that breeze, I do.

  3. I think feeling cold depends. My family runs warm, so my 70-something falther still runs around in shorts (even in the winter months) and is fine most of the time. His wife, however, was freezing yesterday, even though it was a fairly warm day.

    I wouldn't worry yet.

    1. That's me every day at home, Shorts, tee-shirt, and bare feet. I've learned to put on a sweatshirt at cooler temps. If your father's wife is menopausal, could be those wonderful hormones. I tended to run hot, so I think since my short-term memory went on the fritz.

  4. Our weather goes up and down and every which way. last week we hit 34C but today, it might go up to 18C. I much prefer the cooler weather since I am menopausal. I had no idea that white edges on roses means they are dry. I hope the buds work for you

    1. Because of the hysterectomy last year, I find myself feeling more heated than I did when I was going through menopause. Go figure.

      I don't know that's what white edges on roses truly mean but that's what I'm choosing to think on ours. lol. I managed to cut off some drying roses and have them outside in the sun.


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