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Happy Day, Oh, Happy Day

My window of opportunity to not be a procrastinator is about two hours, which is between getting out of bed and the sound of the Husband grinding coffee beans for breakfast. I like to use that time for working in the yard, front and/or back. This morning, for instance, I began with watering the volunteer vegetables—two zucchini plants, one bean plant, four or five tomato plants, and another four or plants that have yet to show themselves as really being tomatoes. 

That done, Molly the Cat (the supervisor, as many of you know) and I moseyed to the front yard. Because the Husband will be watering it this afternoon my goal was to sow sunflower seeds here and there, as well as put the geranium plants that we bought last week into the ground. The geraniums took my attention first. Just in time, too. Their leaves had begun to wither. Before I could plant them, I had to rake the dried leaves and pull out weeds out of their new home. Spent poppies were also removed which meant snapping off sturdy seed pods.

I was cleaning up my mess when I heard the Husband call out from the front door. "Hey, you! Would you like pancakes?"


"I'll get started then."

What a treat, huh? I like pancakes but I don't like to make them. So glad am I that the Husband does.  This morning he looked so cute in his green tee-shirt and cut-off plaid shorts standing by the stove and counting in his head as a pancake sizzled in the pan. The Husband uses a pancake mix. Unlike me, he follows instructions, including measuring precise amounts and turning pancakes per recommendation. Today's pancakes—triple yummmmmm. The best he has made so far.

After breakfast, which was about 11:30 a.m., I made myself go out in the back and put the two Albion strawberry plants into their new home, the water cooler that the Husband won a few years ago from Walgreen's when it opened in town. The Husband filled the cooler with dirt from the yard three days ago. After deeply watering the soil, I thought I'd let it adjust to its new home, too, before the plants went into it.

The strawberry plants seem to like their new home and companions. What do you think?

The clock on the computer says it's 1:37 p.m. I have yet to toss sunflower seeds in the front, wash a load of laundry, write to a couple of friends, and sweep the kitchen floor. All things that I think I must do today. What I probably won't do today is take my 6-week eyeglass prescriptions to the nearby optical shop. Nor will I rearrange the cups and glasses in the kitchen so I can clear the glassware on the table I use for sewing projects, which have been waiting for the last several months.

Yeah, that's retirement mode for me right now. Life is grand. :-)


  1. Perhaps the following of the instructions is why the husband's pancakes are so good ;)

    At least you got something done, right? There's always tomorrow...

  2. Are you telling me you do stuff BEFORE you have a cup of coffee? I can't (read: won't) get out of bed before I've had one cup!!!

    I am sure your strawberries will flourish with the mischievous company of not one but two Snoopys!!!

    1. As long as the stuff is being done outdoors, I can wait for my cup of coffee. It's a different story, otherwise.

      Snoopy makes for a good security guard, don't you think? :-)

  3. My calendar reads a bit like yours without the gardening, but I may still have time to put in strawberry plants and yours look great in that cooler. I'm still debating whether or not to get the patio garden up and running again. Kisses to Molly, a great garden companion and supervisor.
    It's weird about pancakes, I used to make them all the time, maybe the first one or two didn't turn out great but the rest did and now I can't make them at all. Lost my pancake mojo.

    1. I keep going back and forth about having a container garden. A lot depends on when the Husband will move a coffee table turned bench to a shady spot. Maybe if those unknown plants show themselves as being tomatoes I'll stick them in a container.

  4. Excellent strawberry planter. :)

    1. I like it, too. The important question: Do the strawberry plants like it? We shall see.

  5. Retirement is totally the best! I love every single second. I do have to get outside and do some seed sowing myself. I love the strawberries in the cooler -- that's just the best idea and it probably can be moved to the best light too. Strawberries -- they remind me of my grandma and picking with her as a kind. And nice with the pancakes!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me today at Marmelade Gypsy!

    1. These are my first strawberry plants. Excited, I am. Hoping that they'll produce for us. I have good memories of strawberries, too. My favorite is my dad bringing home a flat of strawberries from work.

  6. You are busy planting which I know will grow well. I haven’t made pancakes in years but 8 should give it a go again. I love your picture...very good.


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