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Bickering Old Fools

"Would you move a jade plant for me sometime today?" I asked the Husband at breakfast this morning. "It's too heavy for me."

"Maybe it's too heavy for me," he said. Was he being funny? I wondered.

"I don't think so. It's heavy, but not too heavy." The Husband said nothing, merely looked at me.  I continued. "I could handle it, hmpfh,  if it weren't for my knees." Damn knees.

Several hours later, a rustling from the front yard broke into my concentration of whatever I was focusing on, then I heard a grunt, a clapping of hands in satisfaction, the squeeking of the front door.

"Do you want the jade plant in the back?" the Husband called up the stairs.

"Where is it now?"

"On the porch. It's heavy. I'm going to get the hand truck."

Oh oh. I needed to find a temporary spot where I could tackle the jade out of its pot without trampling on anything.

"I'm coming downstairs. Let me think about it while you get the hand truck."

Fortunately, I saw the perfect spot just as the Husband wheeled the hand truck around the garage.

"Do you know where you want it?" he asked as he passed by.

"Over there," I said, pointing to the tree.

"Wait," he said, pushing the handtruck beneath the potted jade. "I can't look."

"I want to. . . "

"You know I can't look," he said. "So don't tell me 'Over there'." Yes, imagine a bit of a peeved voice.

"I was going to tell you where after I said 'Over there.'" Yes, imagine a bit of a gruffy defensive voice.

The Husband bent to put the plant more securely on the handtruck, all the while talking and me answering in my head "but, I..."

"We sound like an old couple," I said. Hahahahahahahaha.

The Husband walked backwords with the handtruck. As he turned it around and faced me, I said, "We sound like an old couple bickering. Hahahaha Funny, huh?" The Husband laughed. Hahahahahah.

Nothing like bickering with someone you love and who loves you, no strings attached.

The jade plant? The Husband placed it right where I wanted it: Over there between the tree and that round concrete steppy thing.


  1. You make Life a True Adventure . . . Thank you.

    1. You're welcome, G. We're into cheap thrills, the Husband and I. :-)

  2. I have to have pity for real bickering older couples from the past. Mainly from the days where people were "stuck" into a marriage. I couldn't imagine being in a house with so much co-hatred.

    1. I've been around couples like that. It was unpleasant and uncomfortable to be around. It didn't take much for them to start either.

  3. Bickering like an old married couple. Aren't you happy you managed to achieve that?

    1. I'm happy that we've achieved being an old married couple together. lol

  4. That's a cute photo and are you going to take a picture of the jade plant's new digs?

    1. Thanks, I like that photo, too. Most likely will, once I figure out where it wants to be. :-)

  5. If you can lugh together at the end of any 'discussion' then everything is well. :)

  6. That is hilarious!!! We have been married 50 years and we have some of those. I love the line about round concrete steppy thing!

    1. I love this level of comfortableness that we're at. As long as we don't take each other for granted for too long of a time.

  7. What a loving couple ! Beautiful photo!

    Happy Times to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative

  8. LOL times 100!!! The cutest couples are the ones that bicker, and you can tell they love each other all the while they are doing it!

    1. You said it, Angie! If I saw us, old farts, yapping away at each other, I would think how cute they are and I would want to have an old relationship like that. And, look, I have!

  9. Replies
    1. So true. Fortunately ours usually do, if not much later.


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