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Joy in a Crayon Box

It was only yesterday morning that I organized the crayon box according to their hues. There above in the photo is my proof. By the way, isn't he a cutie patootie, the Huband?

The crayon box is one of the few things I've organized in the past few weeks. Maybe the only thing indoors. Tsk, tsk.

Last night, I put the opened box of crayons on the couch beside me and whaddayaknow many of them tumbled out of the box and between the cushions. I was able to find almost all of them.

Yeah, the crayon box is already out of sorts. Such is to be expected, and that's okay.

The cool thing about this box of crayons is it's from the 1980s, maybe earlier. We found it in one of the Husband's parents' boxes, which we're slowly opening after nearly 14 years in storage.  I doubt I would've gone out and bought crayons otherwise. It's a holiday of gifts whenever we look inside the boxes.

Joy, joy, joy!


  1. I remmeber seeing the giant box with like 500 for the first time, my mind was blown

    1. Wowza! I thought 128 was a lot. How do you even begin to choose with 500?!

  2. And the most wonderful thing is you can always top up the crayons with new ones and store 'em in that fabulous box! "D

    1. Whoa! Putting new crayons in that box. I'm not being sarcastic nor goofy when I say that's really thinking outside of the box.

  3. Are you sure your husband isn't Santa Claus?

  4. Dick does look like Santa. Ho, ho, ho!!


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