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Whooo-hooo! Almost Eligible for Medicare

I got my first piece of advertisement for a Medicare advantage plan in the mail yesterday. It wished me Happy Birthday! That was last month.

It stated that it is time for me to think about Medicare, even though I won't be eligible until the end of the year. The mailer did give one two piece of valuable information. Namely, I can enroll for Medicare three months before I turn 65, nine months from now. Unless things change between now and then, the only reasonable and, thankfully, affordable option for me is the Medicare advantage plan that the Husband is already on.

Five Facts about Medicare
  • Medicare, established under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, was signed into law by President Johnson in 1965.
  • President Truman and Mrs. Truman were the first Medicare beneficiaries, receiving the first Medicare cards.
  • In 1972, President Nixon signed a bill to expand coverage to persons under 65 who have long-term disabilities.
  • In 1982, hospice services was added as a Medicare benefit.
  • The official Medicare website is
My resources: A Brief History of Medicare and Wikipedia: Medicare

Thank goodness for Medicare. We really ought to have Medicare for everyone. We all deserve affordable health care.


  1. if Trump has his way, he's going to kill the program one way or another

    1. Let us pray that the current administration does not kill the program. If so, so many of us are going to be devastated.

    2. Adam, I don't think trump cares about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare as Ryan, McConnell, and the gutless, mean Republicans in Congress.

      Micaela5, praying is helpful as well as making sure we get rid of Ryan, McConnell, and all other members of Congress who has the goal of getting rid of the programs we pay into.

  2. I wish you all had health coverage like we do. It is not leftist, it is a necessity. I am glad you will soon have that for yourself

    1. Me, too, Birgit. I agree, having affordable health coverage for all is not a leftist thing. We would all be paying into it, no different than private insurance.

  3. Growing up in Australia where you didn't have to pay for medical or dental, (there was always a queue, but if you had the money, just like anywhere else, you could go 'private') it was a huge shock getting here and having to pay 'premiums'... then I learned about the US system, and figured the Canadian way wasn't so bad. But yes, universal health care for all is a basic human right.

    1. I've lived most of my life without health insurance. Fortunately, I've been a healthy person. I am thankful that I had health insurance last year.

  4. me? I like seeing your awesome bike! makes me happy.

    1. Me, too. Tilda-Hilda is being quite patient with me.


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