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Tradescantia Fluminensis

Quite a mouthful to say. What if you imagine yourself to be in Italia, near the Prealps, hours north of Venezia (Venice)? Suppose you pronounce it with a flourish, as if you're singing . . . tra(y)-des-can-ti-a flu min-en-sis.

Be still my heart.

Tradescantia fluminensis is the formal name for the green wandering jew plant. Maybe you grew it as an indoor houseplant when you were a young That Girl/Mary Richards thing like me in the 1970s.

It turns out the vines by the back fence that grow back with a vengeance, no matter how much I believe I've removed them, are of the species tradescantia fluminensis, hot-cha-cha. I found out last night when I posted this photo on my Facebook wall (my "back fence"). Thanks to Mike for pointing me in the right direction.

This plant grows quickly and spreads happily, especially in its role as ground cover. Some places consider it a pest because it can be quite invasive if its owners are not giving it attention.

Imagine this: A vision of green vines cascading down a chocolate fountain kind of planter. Ooh-la-la!

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  1. Replies
    1. The leaves, at least for this guy, are shiny from the sunshine. :-)

  2. I like the chocolate fountain idea ... but I don't think it goes with green stuff. More like marshmallows on a stick, a la fondue. :D ... seriously though, it would be a great colour combination. :)

    1. I'm thinking more the shape of the chocolate fountain -- the tier look. I have a 2-tier wire basket (a tier of 2 wire baskets?) that may do the job.


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