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Sweeping Thoughts of the Mama

I need a broom to sweep the dirt off the sidewalk in the front yard, which means a slow walk around the house to the shed in the backyard. I push apart the rusty sliding shed door and immediately spy the broom in the filled, and so far neat, interior.

The broom, mind you, is not pristine. It looks a little frayed. Still, I find myself say, "I can't use you."

Oh no! That's the Mama in me speaking. A broom lasted literally forever for her because she let it sit for many months before using it, and when she did, it was sparingly.

I shook off the Mama's voice.  The broom in the shed is solely for outdoor purposes, including sweeping dirt from the cement. So what that we bought the broom within the past year or so. So what that the broom will get more bent out of shape because I really need to sweep with extra muscle. It's not going to put us in the poorhouse if we need to buy a new broom. (At least, not yet. Maybe not ever if the current GOP tax bill loses in Congress.)

Needless to say, but I shall, I picked up the broom and did my sweeping. Near the end of my task, as I pushed dirt into the garden, I realized what I really needed was the push broom in the garage.


  1. It’s actually nice to read this because you are channeling your mom even though you feel sad with her not being around. The thing is she is around you all the time and is happy you are using stuff she always used

    1. That's true. I was going to say that I doubt she'd like how I'm using her stuff -- painting on them, making them into planter, and perhaps being ripped and cut apart to be made into quilts. I had asked her what kind of faucet would she want us to replace the kitchen one with. Her reply, "Whatever you guys want." That was a few months before she died. She already knew.

  2. I'm sure brooms feel unappreciated if they're not used as they were meant to be. :D ... either for sweeping or riding on. :)

    1. Quite true! Once I watched a guy make a broom at a pioneer day. It was so zen.

  3. Great post - love the narrative and the adorable illustrations


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