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The Beatles!

The Beatles!

Need I say more? I didn't think so.

"We are just a band that made it very big. That's all," said John Lennon on Disc 1 of The Beatles Anthology.

I'm glad The Beatles happened during my lifetime, in particular, my youth.

John and Ringo were born in 1940, Paul in 1942, and George in 1943. They had a child's memory of WWII. In spite of (or because of) all the harsh stuff they may have experienced as children, they gave us beautiful lyrics and music. Thank you, The Beatles!

By the way, have you heard their version of Besame Mucho from their younger years. Just put a pair of velvet pants on Paul. Gosh.


  1. Who knew they did a song like this?! It's always fun to see a rock band play music like this.They are legends

  2. Imagine ! When the Beatles became famous and the girls hysterical, I missed all that because I was in wedding preparation and only looked at my personal "Beatle" Therefore I saw the whole circus they made about them years later, lol !

    1. In 5th grade, a fellow student brought his Beatles record for show and tell. I remember wondering what beetles had to do with the singers.

  3. Replies
    1. I did, too. We watched a documentary of them yesterday. It had film footage of interviews from their early years. The guys were level-headed for young blokes.


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