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Spaghetti Pizza

Ever had spaghetti pizza?

The other day I used leftover spaghetti, made with a friend's awesome marinara sauce, as the "sauce" for a pizza. The spaghetti had zucchini, red pepper, yellow onion,  two huge handfuls of spring salad mix, and brie. On top of the spaghetti went layers of red onion, pepperoni, green olives, pimento, and farmer cheese.

The marinara sauce was homemade by friend Gloria who grinds her own mixture of dried herbs and spices. The sauce had a light and mellow taste. Subtle and sophisticated. Wowza wow wow!

Gloria gave us two tubs of her sauce, one for the freezer.  There are so many possibilities for the second tub. I could use it as a base for a cioppino or make a pasta dish with Italian sausage, for example. Both the Husband and I agree that we could even slurp up the sauce straight as soup. Yummmmm.

Thank you, Gloria!


  1. I'm trying to diet and you're killing me lady! LOL no, looks too good

    1. Does it help that the pizza was mostly vegetables? :-)

    2. Didn't the FDA declare that ketchup was a vegetable a while back? :)

    3. It was proposed during Reagan's administration, but I don't think it ever became a "fact".

  2. What a brilliant idea!!! ... truth is though you can put almost anything on a pizza and it'll taste good :D ... what's a cioppino?

    1. Cioppino is a kind of tomato-based soup with fish and shellfish that was supposedly made popular by the Italian-Americans in San Francisco once upon a time.


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