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Go Without Me

Yesterday, I said I was no longer interested in going to Mars.

Not that I've been offered the opportunity.

I love the idea of traveling through space and exploring Mars.

The problem is. . .me.

Maintaining the flexibility, endurance, and stamina to deal with number one conceits is getting tougher for me. Let's face it in nearly all workplaces, there's always one. I'm beyond the point of putting up with that kind of misery, day in and day out on the job. Imagine doing that in close quarters 24 hours a day through infinity and beyond.


  1. I don't think humans will ever really make a real home out of Mars. If we can turn Mars into Earth, we can turn the Earth back into Earth

    1. I wonder why humans are skipping the moon entirely when it comes to thinking about colonizing another real estate.

    2. The Moon doesn't have an atmosphere, Mars does, although too thin for us to breathe, it would take less terraforming, or in this case areforming to create a breathable atmosphere. Mars has a bit more gravity that the Moon, also another consideration for any long-term colonies. Atmosphere would also be very useful in warding off all sorts of nasty cosmic radiation.
      Establishing a 'transit' base on the Moon would make sense, as a stepping off point to the rest of the solar system. Which is what, I think, them's who are actually planning space adventures, have in mind.

  2. I think there is enough strange people on Earth that makes me think I am on Mars😋


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