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Friday's Hunt V2.8

This week's clues for Teresa's Friday's Hunt at Eden Hills are: 1) Starts with H  2) Week's Favorite  3) Single.

My favorite photo this week shows hands as in the Mama's hand and the drummer's hand.  As for single, the Mama's single focus at that particular moment was feeding her baby a delicious treat.

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  1. Like your drummer find, Susie. Is he a relative? One of my sons plays the drums, he plays with a garage band. They get an occasional paid gig

    1. An acquaintance, the drummer is. He and his buddies form a really great band. They play all types of music with passion, especially the rock n roll of our day.

  2. reminded me of a Bill Withers song . . "Grandma's Hands"

  3. That's a challenge ! 3 words in one photo !!

    1. I say it's because I'm lazy, but I think I ought to look at it your way, Gattina. :-)

  4. I love this image! It really is perfect for all the prompts, and I'm impressed you got such good focus on both subjects. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Gosh! I am behind!, this is a great picture and mama has to feed her youngin.


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