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In the Bucket

One of the things Molly the Cat likes to check out when she goes out to the backyard is a bucket full of water that sits next to the patio. I wonder if she sees what I see in the bucket.

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  1. really? is that a photo of bucket reflection?
    cool stuff.

  2. I never thought of looking in a bucket for reflections but now I will. Thanks for sharing your photos, art and humor!

  3. reminds to ET wants to go home! P.

  4. clever shot inspired by a cat! love it

  5. That is a great shot! Inspired by Molly-nothing better:)

  6. Splendid idea, at first look I thought it was an art design! You have a good eye.

  7. Molly the cat must have a good life looking into reflective buckets of water.

    1. Before I looked in the bucket, I've watched Molly hoist herself to look into it. I thought she was tasting the water and wondered if it was better than what it's in her water bowl.

  8. Lovely reflection!! "Water with a view" for Molly! She's a special cat... *-*

  9. wow that's a brilliant capture. Beautiful.


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