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Creative Play #2

I'm a kid when it comes to doing (making? creating?) art.

"Look, look. Look what I did," I say, jumping from one foot to the other.

I mostly do that to the Husband. Yesterday, I found myself doing it to Only and Older Brother, who I hadn't seen in two years.

"Look, look, Brother. Look what I did," I said, showing him my Creative Play #1 on the iPad.

"Hey, you can sell that!" Only and Older Brother said. I didn't know if he was being funny. I never know with him.  But, I took it as a thumbs up.

Unlike long ago I'm not concerned whether or not people like my art work. I'm simply having fun exploring that side of me. Finally.

I'm hooking up with Creative Every Day hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas. Click here to join in or to check out other participants.


  1. I think it is cool! I like the style-it reminds me of New year's celebration in a cold take on it-great work...and I am not kidding!

  2. It is cool, you are creative. Enjoy your day!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! ... ** waves arms like Kermit** :D


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