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When I Was Very Young

I pulled out the high school yearbook of my senior year the other evening and came across this note I wrote to myself in the book.  I must've written it days or weeks after I graduated. Warning: The grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation  may make you cringe.
I'll just have to write small, for the last two hours I've gone through 4 years of yearbooks and from what I've wrote in the 1st year I am still with the same problems namely weight, vocation, myself, and etc. but I think I have changed. In fact I know I have. Especially in my grades. I resolve 'TO" keep a "B" average at least next year." Right! I resolve "To MEET the hero so I can either be disappointed or happily insane." I resolve "to shock people next year." Yearbooks are wonderful. Together you have pictures of the people you like and dislike. Ah, may life go on and good luck till you die. . . .
I signed it simply "I". 

Let's see. I accomplished my academic goal. (My GPA that last semester of high school had fallen below 2.0. Fortunately, I'd already had the credits to graduate). I finally met the hero several years ago. (It's just as well I did not meet him back then.)  I think I did shock some people as I lost 25 pounds that summer. 

I still think yearbooks are wonderful. More so because I show pictures or myself or read things I've written or others have written to me to the Husband and he laughs along with me.  

That photo above shows me in my daily cool-weather get-up: white blouse, jeans, saddle shoes, and the Older Brother's green wool coat with horn buttons.  My wire-rim glasses were new. Gosh, how I loved them. When I got them, I felt so "free" and that anything was possible. If they had only arrived before I took my senior class photo.  So thuggish.



  1. Looks like she had it mostly together. :)

    1. In great hindsight, I think that 17-year-old self did, despite the regular teen-age angst. lol

  2. How wonderful to look back at oneself and see the young girl and all that she accomplished. I have to say, this young girl had a good head on her shoulders...and still does.

    1. Ah, Birgit. You're sweet. It's probably best that I had all that self-doubt and what-not back then. It was my motivation to "find" myself.


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