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Painting Olive Branches

Friends Jenn and Moose and the Husband and I took part in a paint party at the San Benito Olive Festival last Saturday. Altogether, there were 18 participants. Hmmm, I think the Husband and Moose were the only guys. What's up with that? Is getting guys to paint the same as getting them out on the dance floor? The Husband and Moose have no problem shaking their booties.  We did a lot of that at the festival, too.

Our teacher-host was Artist/Sculptor Paul Loughridge. His robot and metal sculptures are especially trés cool. Check some of them out at his website.  Okay, back to the paint party. Being that it was at an olive festival, Paul guided us through a painting of olive branches.

Having not painted since grammar school, I was hesitant about whether I could recreate his painting. Several other participants articulated how I felt. He reassured us. We were not to worry. We would be creating our own original paintings. And, so we began. He told us which brush to use, what colors to blend, and so forth and so on.

We were the afternoon session and I'm happy to say we were a handful. We gave him a hard time in a delightful way. We vied for his attention. "Teacher! Teacher!" We glowed when he gave us positive feedback.  And, yes, when it was all done, we each had a unique painting. 

By the way, my olives are in the shape of hearts.


  1. Oh this sounds like such fun and would love to take a painting class with my hubby. I love all your works with each one having their own artistic flair

    1. The wind was playing with the Husband's palette and canvas so everything kept tipping or falling into his paint. He even got paint in his glass of beer or was it a fly. Poor guy. I do admit it was nice to see his hands get full of paint. I'm usually the only one that does.

  2. So, did the four paintings in the pic reflect the personalities of the painters?

    1. I suppose so. The Husband actually modeled his work after the other painting and didn't realize it. Or, so he said. I was impressed because we only saw that painting for a few minutes before the Teacher put it away.


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