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Cat Tails & Birds of Paradise

This morning, I got up before the sunrise to take a photo of a neighbor's Halloween decorations. My hardworking point-and-click no longer takes pictures well at night or very dark settings. Poor guy. Since I was out, I thought I'd wait around for the sun to show itself, so I walked a bit around the neighborhood. But, the sun didn't pop up until I got  home. Oh well. I did see some cool morning sights, including the bird of paradise hiding behind tall grass that look like cat tails.

By the way, if you're interested, click here to see the neighbor's Halloween decorations.

All Hallow's Eve to you, one and all.


  1. What a gorgeous photo, and such lovely colours.

    Several years ago my ex and I went to stay with some of his cousins in Cape Town, SA, and they had several bird of paradise flowers in their garden but I don't remember them being as bright as that.

    1. Thank you, Tigermouse. I did a bit of highlighting in Photoshop to get better contrast between the the two plants. The birds were brighter than what I recall though.

  2. This is a striking photo! The Orange of the flower looks great against the cat o nine tails because of the purple colouring

    1. Thanks, Birgit. I'm glad the house that had the flowers in front were on a corner lot. All I did was swing around and there they were. I would've missed them otherwise.


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