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Skull, Tilda-Hilda, and the County Fair

This afternoon, I shut the car door while I kinda stood between it and the car. The edge of the door jarred my jaw on its way to its destination. Kinda made the nerves in my skull sizzle. I'm very talented.

Fortunately, nothing other than a tiny bit of pain in the jaw for a few minutes. "I don't like it," I said to the Husband as we drove to the produce stand.

"You wouldn't like being a boxer then," he said.

DAYS 47 to 60 with TILDA-HILDA

Did you wonder if Tilda-Hilda and I had stopped riding for the year? Not at all. We're been doing things a bit differently. Three Saturdays ago was the the last time Tilda-Hilda and I went out on the back roads.  Since then, we've been sticking to our neighborhood and an occasional ride to downtown, as my left knee recuperates.

Most of our riding had been pedaling three blocks back and forth to Godmother Pat, once or twice a day. She had a horrible accident in July that resulted in the loss of the tips of her middle finger and thumb. So, I've been going over to bug her. She's doing quite well and her hand is slowly but surely healing.

This past week, Tilda-Hilda and I increased our distance, finding longer ways to get to Godmother Pat's house or our house. To make sure I don't decide that Tilda-Hilda and I must go beyond our neighborhood, I wear open-toed sandals. Soon, we will be out on the back roads again.


That was one of my entry's in last year's county fair's photo competition. The photo of the Husband acting silly won me a blue ribbon, which had been the goal (winning a blue ribbon) every year for the last eight or nine years.

This year I waited until the last minute to register my entries to this year's county fair. Thank goodness for online registration. I took the plunge and entered three photos in the advanced division, which is my first time in this division. My works will be competing with those of semi-professionals. We shall see how that goes.

I'm also entering three fresh and two dry floral arrangements, banana bread, and a multi-colored beaded memory wire wrap bracelet.  I have a vague idea about what I want for all of those things. Okay, not really for the floral arrangements. I'd like to add macadamia nuts to banana bread, if I can find the nuts. As for the bracelet, I started searching thrift shops for beaded necklaces to take apart. We shall see how all that goes, too.

 That's a bit of what has been happening with me lately. How about yourself?


  1. After screaming about my computer, I simmered down and now, as you can tell, I am back on-keep fingers crossed. I started going through my magazine collection and getting rid of many magazines that I just won't look at. I always buy a People magazine when someone famous dies. I have kept the ones from Cary Grant and Laurence olivier etc.. but got rid of many newer ones. I am amazed at the difference in quality from the 80's to now-it was much better back then. I love the photos you have here. Love Molly the cat who looks like she is ready to pounce. I hope your jaw feels better. Glad you are visiting your God-mother and that is nasty what she experienced. Love the last photo and I shall keep my fingers crossed that you win another blue ribbon

    1. Hurrah, Birgit! A loopy computer is one of the things that frazzle me completely. I've become very dependent on the Sweetpea Song (that's the name of my computer). Knock on wood, she'll be okay for a long while.

      I don't like People magazine as much as I did at the beginning. I don't know how much of it is because I don't know who many of the people are. And, then, I'm not interested in reading about so-called celebrities like Kim Whatever her name is and people who became "famous" because they were/are on reality TV.

      I kept forgetting things yesterday, which I'll blame on the skull sizzle. The Husband asked me what was I waiting for when I stopped at a stop sign for a while. I was waiting for a nonexistent light to turn green. Duh! All is well today.

    2. Hahaha, I have done that at a stop sign-lol Oh I rarely buy People Magazine now unless there is a good article (ok that sounds strange) like the one on Rosemary Kennedy. When i looked at those old ones I had, they were better stories and dealt more with the actual actors than reality idiots

  2. I'm glad you didn't take up boxing . . . and I'm glad your jaw is okay.
    Look at how talented you are!!! Color me impressed.
    Macadamia Nuts? YUM. When i lived in San Francisco, i used to take the bus to the airport - because the nut shop there offered macadamias fresh roasted . . . I would much on delicious, warm nuts on the way home, then grab my guitar and go work on the wharf . . . Oh yes, they would make an excellent contribution to banana bread . . . oooh, I'm grateful your aunt is healing . . (that sounds frightening . . AND - that is a great photo of Tilda-Hilda.

    1. Georgy, have I ever told you much I love your enthusiasm. I don't think of myself as talented, only a willingness to try various things. I like to challenge myself. The county fair is good for that.

      When did you live in SF? I lived there from 1973-1996. I wonder if I ever saw you perform at the wharf? Did you work in a club or on the streets? I remember the trumpet player in the cardboard box and the guys playing the drums by the water.

  3. Welcome back, I hope you had a happy summer. I've taken a vacation during the summer.
    Wonderful photo, her husband always so funny.
    Limbo Delirium
    Black & White Abstract

    1. Hola Leovi! I missed you. I hope you had a wonderful vacation. :-)

  4. Hope your jaw is all better ... just as well you passed up a professional pugilistic career. :)

    The Husband certainly does look fierce!

    1. When he wears his shades, he looks even fiercer.

  5. It sounds like you are doing well with the photo entries.


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