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Cat Food, Liver, and Beads

Molly the Cat is about to run out of food. That means we need to drive over to the coast today. Yay! It'll be a bit cooler. We've had two days of 100+ temperatures. Today is supposed to be the same. The weather guys say we may have a thunderstorm this weekend, possibly without the rain.

Since we're over there, we'll also go on a quest for grass-fed beef liver for the Mama. Her doctor has been monitoring her blood count for the last few months. Yesterday, he finally got worried and has referred her to a blood specialist, which got Mama wanting to eat liver. She's willing to eat beef liver from any market. Not anymore for me.

If we have time, I would like to stop at a Goodwill or another thrift shop to check out old, funky jewelry. I haven't found the beads I want for my county-fair bracelet entry. What kind of beads, the Husband asks? I shall know when I see them.

Off we go!


  1. Ahhh liver. I've always loved liver. Most of my kids don't like it.
    Yeah, it always meant more for me. Sadly..... now you do have
    to look only for the organic stuff. What a pity.
    Watch out. When you spot the right beads it will be such a
    jolt that you may have to sit down. Don't fall down.
    Have a fab trip.

    1. It was success all around, Manzi. We found organic liver, bought cat food that Molly likes, and ended up at a very cool bead shop called Monkey Girl's Beads where I did find beads close to what I'm imagining.

  2. Yuck to liver! You know, my mom-many years ago was so low in her blood count, the Dr's thought they may have to do a blood transfusion(my mom wasn't eating properly-lettuce alone won't do it). They tried iron pills but it made my mom so ill. She ate-liver with tons of onions and tomatoes on top (get rid of the liver taste), she ate spinach daily and molasses! Molasses is chock full of iron. Thankfully today, it is only 18C here and full day rain which I am loving! I am certain you would love the rain too.

    1. I always forget about spinach. maybe I need to put a photo of sweet pea near my computer to remind me of it. You know, sweet pea = Sweet Pea = Popeye. I wonder if I can get the Mama to take a bit of molasses each day. Thanks, Birgit. Enjoy the rain for me, too.

  3. I wish you a little storm, with lots of nice rain! :)

  4. Beautiful portrait photo! Hope you found your beads and were cooled off a bit by the coast ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. It was great by the coast, Carol. We needed that. And, I did find some cute beads. Now, to figure how I want them to be assembled. Fun!


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