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Day 45 with Tilda-Hilda

A few weeks ago, a young boy was run over by a bus a couple blocks away from our street. He was riding his bicycle. I don't know what the particulars were. I can only think that both the boy and the driver did not pay attention at the same moment. It was unfortunate. Now, at that spot is a memorial for the boy.

I thought of that event this morning as I rode in the bicycle lane on a main road. As I approached intersections, drivers moved into the bicycle lane so that they could turn right. One driver didn't even signal her intent. She abruptly jumped in front of me. I rang my bell and called out, "You asshole." A walker on the sidewalk said, "You need a bullhorn." Her companion said, "Be careful."

Indeed. It takes two not paying attention at the same moment to have an accident. I don't plan on having one. Nor do I plan on giving up my morning rides.

Today, Tilda-Hilda and I rode for 53 minutes, pedaling about nine-and-a-half miles.


  1. Suzie,

    Oh yes, do take care on the road! I only ever once rode a bike in traffic. I nearly ended up under a bus. I think it was more my fault than the bus driver's. I'm not very good at balancing on a bike and signalling at the same time! We have a lot of bike paths in our local towns for bikes and pedestrians only. This is where I'd ride if I had a bike. As I don't own a bike, I use my legs and run along the paths instead. Much safer for me and everyone else who wants to use the roads!

    When accidents happen it makes us stop and think. I'm sorry to hear about the one near you. Such a tragedy for the boy and his family and all concerned.

    1. Riding in traffic doesn't faze me too much. Thankfully, we're a very small city so even the commute times aren't so bad. Still I avoid them as much as possible. When I think traffic is being too crazy, I change my route until calmer streets.

  2. It is very sad about the boy. I have seen cyclists here not know the road at all and go right in front of cars but more often it is the person behind the car that dislikes the cyclist. I have heard where motorists cut cyclists off and go right into the cycle path on purpose. How sad is that. I am glad you watch everything when you ride.

    1. I've come across aggressive drivers while bicycling. A couple coming very close to me unnecessarily. For every idiot, there are a bunch who are thoughtful, thank goodness.


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